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12 Best Things To Do In Bolivia (2024 updated)

Hola, fellow adventurers! Today, we’re diving into the mesmerizing beauty of Bolivia, and I’m excited to guide you through the “12 Best Things to do in Bolivia”! Fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an unforgettable journey!

A Must-do in Bolivia

Trust me, Bolivia is an underrated destination so far! Here are a few sparkly highlights:


Bolivia Best Tours

1. Uyuni – Largest Natural Mirror in the world

A trip to Bolivia would be incomplete without visiting the ethereal Uyuni Salt Flats. It’s like stepping onto the largest natural mirror in the world! During the wet season, the salt flat becomes a giant reflective surface that will make you feel like you’re walking amongst the stars. Simply unforgettable!

Can you imagine walking on the moon? Well, the ethereal beauty of the Uyuni Salt Flats is as close as it gets! This vast, glittering expanse, especially during the wet season, transforms into the largest natural mirror on Earth, reflecting everything above it. It’s like a dreamy dance of sky and earth, creating Instagram-worthy shots that will leave your friends green with envy! 💫

The Best Salar de Uyuni Tours 2023:

Valle de las Animas, or “The Valley of Souls”, is a trending destination. This stunning geological formation with towering rock structures offers some of the most breathtaking views you can imagine. Truly, it’s an explorer’s dream come true!

Valle de las Animas is an unsung hero slowly claiming its spot on the global tourism radar. This vast expanse of towering, ghostly rock formations feels eerily beautiful, like stepping into another world. The name itself, meaning “Valley of the Souls,” adds to its mystique. Get your hiking boots ready and let’s wander in this geological wonderland! Discover our Valle de las Animas Tour.

3. Death Road – Worlds Most Dangerous Road

For adrenaline junkies, biking down the infamous Death Road is a must. Its precarious cliff edges and daring descents make it the world’s most dangerous road. It’s a thrilling ride, but remember, safety first, amigos!

“Death Road” might sound a bit scary, right? But don’t let that deter you! Biking down this road is an adrenaline-pumping experience that will surely set your heart racing. Picture this: You’re speeding along a narrow cliffside path with jaw-dropping views of cascading waterfalls and lush valleys. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 😜 Explore our Death Road Bike Tour.

4. Cable Cars in La Paz

La Paz’s cable cars aren’t just a means of transportation; they’re a unique way to take in the vibrant city’s panoramic views. See the sprawling urban landscapes meet the snow-capped Andes in a magical fusion from above.

I like to call the cable cars of La Paz our floating chariots! They’re not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about soaking in the mesmerizing views of this urban jungle cradled in the mountains. From your lofty vantage point, see the city as a lively quilt of colors against the striking backdrop of the Andes.

5. Laguna Colorada & Stunning Deserts

The surreal landscapes of Laguna Colorada and the surrounding deserts are a sight to behold. The red lagoon, dotted with flamingos, against the backdrop of the stark desert, is a mesmerizing contrast.

Picture a vast red lagoon filled with pretty pink flamingos, set against the barren, contrasting desert. Sound unreal? That’s exactly what Laguna Colorada looks like. It’s like Mother Nature used her most vibrant palette to paint this awe-inspiring masterpiece.

6. Parque Amboró in Santa Cruz

Parque Amboró is a natural paradise. Its lush greenery, exotic wildlife, and stunning waterfalls make it a haven for nature lovers and an excellent spot for birdwatching.

Imagine stepping into a fairy tale with a touch of wild adventure – that’s what visiting Parque Amboró feels like. This nature lover’s paradise, filled with exotic wildlife and lush greenery, is a beautiful break from the bustle of city life. And those waterfalls? They’re like Nature’s own symphony! 🌿

7. Tarabuco Market & Textiles in Sucre

Immerse yourself in Bolivian culture at the Tarabuco Market. Its colorful textiles and unique handicrafts are the perfect souvenirs. Don’t forget to bargain; it’s part of the fun!

Shopping alert, ladies! 👛 Tarabuco Market in Sucre is a colorful maze of vibrant textiles and unique handicrafts. Each piece tells a story of the rich Bolivian heritage. Bargaining here is more like a friendly conversation with the locals. So, put on your shopping hats and let’s go on a cultural shopping spree!

8. Carnival in Oruro – The best for dance and culture

Join the festive carnival in Oruro for an incredible explosion of culture, music, and dance. It’s an unforgettable event that reflects the rich Bolivian traditions and folklore.

When it’s time for the Oruro Carnival, Bolivia becomes a pulsating canvas of dance, music, and culture. Picture a sea of people moving rhythmically in extravagant costumes, the infectious beats filling the air. It’s not just a carnival, it’s an all-out cultural extravaganza that has to be seen to be believed! 💃

9. Rainforest in Madidi (Lodges & Wildlife Experience)

The Madidi National Park is one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. Staying in a jungle lodge, you can experience the wild beauty of the rainforest and its inhabitants up close. It’s a true adventure!

Visiting Madidi National Park is like stepping into the heart of the Amazon. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the wild, exploring the lush greenery and being welcomed by a burst of biodiversity. From butterflies to jaguars, it’s a wildlife lover’s paradise. The jungle lodges here offer a comfortable retreat amidst the wilderness. It’s the ultimate ‘Jungle Book’ experience!

10. Isla de Sol, Back in time in the Lake Titicaca

A trip to Isla de Sol in Lake Titicaca is like stepping back in time. Explore the ancient Incan ruins, enjoy the serene lake views, and experience the warm hospitality of the local communities.

Set in the sparkling Lake Titicaca, the Isla de Sol is steeped in history and myths. Here, time feels suspended as you explore ancient Incan ruins and traverse scenic trails. The simple life of the islanders, the breathtaking sunsets, and the tranquility of the lake are enchanting. It’s like a beautiful postcard come to life!

The Best Lake Titicaca Tours From La Paz:

11. Wineries in Tarija (Taste Singani, the local drink)

Indulge in the vibrant wine culture of Tarija. Taste Singani, the local drink, and tour the lush vineyards for a true taste of Bolivian viticulture.

Hello, wine lovers! 🍷 Tarija, Bolivia’s wine country, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With scenic vineyards stretching to the horizon and the delectable local drink Singani to taste, this place is pure bliss for the senses. And when you’re in the wineries, the fragrance of the grapes and the joy of wine-tasting feels like a scene straight from a romantic movie!

12. Bolivian Food! (Gastronomic tours

Bolivian food is like a fiesta on your palate, with rich flavors and unique dishes that truly reflect its diverse culture. From the hearty salteñas to the refreshing “Llajua sauce”, every dish has a tale to tell. Join me on a gastronomic tour, exploring the bustling food markets and quaint eateries. Let’s eat our way through Bolivia, one delicious bite at a time! 🍽️

About the Weather in Bolivia

Like the varying landscapes of Bolivia, the weather here also loves to switch things up. Bolivia has two primary seasons: dry and wet. The dry season from May to October, gifts us with clear blue skies and cooler temperatures – perfect for hiking and exploring! On the other hand, the wet season (November to April) is a bit more adventurous with afternoon showers. But hey, it’s also when the Uyuni Salt Flats transform into that spectacular mirror-like surface! Isn’t that cool? ☔🌞

Best time to visit Bolivia

Bolivia is beautiful year-round, but the “best” time to visit depends on what you’re looking for! If you’re keen on hiking or visiting the highlands, the dry season (May to October) is ideal. However, if you’re like me and love the mesmerizing mirror effect of the Uyuni Salt Flats, then the wet season (especially around February) is your best bet. Remember, anytime is a good time when adventure is on the agenda! 📅

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What are the best tours in Bolivia?

With a country as diverse as Bolivia, picking the “best” tours can be tough. However, some tours that you shouldn’t miss include the Uyuni Salt Flats tour for that otherworldly landscape, a cable car tour of La Paz for amazing city views, a gastronomic tour for foodies (Yum!), and an eco-tour of Madidi National Park for nature lovers. And, for culture enthusiasts, the Oruro Carnival tour is a must! Trust me, these tours will create memories to last a lifetime. 🌍🗺️

DestinationsBest Tours Recommended
La PazValle de las Animas, Valle de la Luna, Walking Tour, Condoriri, Huayna Potosi, Lake Titicaca
UyuniSalt Flats, Laguna Colorada, Siloli Desert, Dali Desert, Green Lake, Geysers, Hot Springs
Santa CruzAmboro, Samaipata, Chiquitania, Lomas de Arena, Chochis
Sucre – PotosiThe Colonial Cities, Mine Tours, Tarabuco, Presto in Sucre, Cayara in Potosi
TarijaTajzara, Marquiriri, San Lorenzo, Wineries
Best tours recommended visiting Bolivia


Do I need a visa to visit Bolivia?

Visa requirements vary depending on your nationality, many countries, including the U.S., do require a visa, so make sure to check the latest updates from the Bolivian embassy or consulate in your home country.

Is Bolivia safe for travelers?

Absolutely, Bolivia is generally safe for travelers. But like any travel destination, it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings and follow local advice. I’ve spent many lovely times here, and I can’t wait for you to experience it too!

What currency is used in Bolivia?

Bolivia’s currency is the Boliviano. You’ll find ATMs in major cities, and many places accept credit cards. But it’s handy to keep some cash, especially for local markets and smaller towns.

Remember, amigos, every adventure comes with new experiences, and Bolivia, with its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, is a whirlwind of them! Can’t wait to see you here, in the heart of South America! 🌎💖

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