Why VSA?

So, how did everything start?

Visit South America was founded in 2015 by explorer & adventurer, Hilton Davila. His dream was simple: To shed light onto the beauty and culture that is overflowing within South America. With little to nothing to begin with, Hilton has been able to create unforgettable travel experiences across 6 countries for fueled adventure seekers from all over the world. His dream is becoming a reality through the embracing, authentic, and transparent alternative travel Visit South America offers travelers from across the globe.

Visit South America Core Values

Ask Questions, Open Minds

When you travel you experience so many new sights, smells, and feelings that instantly have you asking questions. So just think of us as your very own Magic 8 Ball and ask away! We do our absolute best to give you everything you need to know about the places we visit right from the start, but if for whatever reason something seems unclear, be sure to ask and we’ll do what we can to make it crystal. We want you to open your mind and appreciate the culture and landscapes as much as possible, so just like my elementary teacher, Ms. Thomas said, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.” This attitude not only applies to interactions with our travelers but also to our team members, staff, and partners in and out of the office.

Build Lasting and Trusting Relationships

Whether it’s our CEO assisting a new intern or a new group of travelers meeting each other for the first time, we want everyone to be comfortable and most importantly have fun! Our company culture revolves around building relationships between our team as well as building lasting and trusting relationships with you – our travelers! It is very important to us that you to consider your tour leader a friend that you can trust and rely on. Everyone starts out as strangers at the beginning of the adventure, but by the end we become a travel family that spans through cities and countries around the world!

Go Above & Beyonds

Buzz Lightyear ain’t got squat on us. To infinity and beyond isn’t quiiiiite far enough for us. We do everything in our power to make sure expectations are not only met but surpassed, both ours and yours. Need an extra pillow? A new pair of socks, perhaps? Or maybe you aren’t feeling well and would like some soup in bed? Say no more, consider it done. Here are two pillows, a new pair of socks with matching underwear, and soup plus some water bottles and medicine to help cure the illness. Our team members are not only constantly finding ways to go above and beyond for our travelers’ experiences, but also finding ways to bring new ideas to life, company wide.

Dare To Be Different

Being different is a good thing. No scratch that – a GREAT thing. We find that the more diverse a group of travelers is the more room there is for creativity, open mindfulness, and learning. Oh, and loads of fun. Our team is as diverse as it gets from Peruvians to Italians and Bolivians to Americans, we welcome and embrace everyone who join our tours and team. Not only is this projected in our travel groups but also the many people and cultures we encounter along each adventure. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Connecting different cultures, people, and ideas to create something beautiful. If you’re a little strange, perfect! If not, no problem. In time, we’ll be sure to rub some of our weirdness off on you…

Embrace the Unknown

Traveling is all about exploring the unknown. Insects with ketchup? “Sounds interesting, I’ll take two, and can you add mayo please.” 5,000 meter hikes through crazy types of weather? “I climbed a hill once, but sure I’ll hike it!” On our adventures you’re guaranteed to encounter things you’ve never seen or done before, but be assured that your VSA team is there to guide you the whole way. At the end of your trip we want you to leave with new experiences, new friends, and new perspectives on the world, ‘cause you just experienced an amazing new piece of it.

Skilled CEOs

Every trip comes with an expert Chief Experience Officer (CEO) responsible for enriching the journey, offering local insight, adding unique personal perspective, and generally making each trip the very best it can be.

Stop Lagging!

Visit Are you ready for your next adventure? Let your travel amigos at Visit South America show you the best there is to see on this beautiful continent. We have year ‘round departure dates and tours to fit every travel style. Start packing your bags – click here to see our small group trips and customize your trip clicking here.


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  •   I absolutely loved out time in Peru and Hilton and Noah really made our stay unforgettable. This is not your typical agency that just wants to squeeze money out of you and show you the generic sites for a premium. I consider VSA your local insider friends that will make sure you see all the hidden spots and have an amazing time!! If there is anything you are thinking of doing, just ask them, they will figure out a way to make it happen with your budget :)100% recommended!

    thumb Andrea Zuñiga
  •   I spent an incredible week in Cuzco, peru. The agency planned a perfect agenda for me where we were able to visit a lot of the sites, they were also very attentive to my requests and tailor made my agenda there to fit my needs. Would definitely use them in any of my upcoming South America trips �

    thumb Maha El Ebiary
  •   I went on the 14 day tour in Peru and it was definitely one of the highlights of my whole trip! It's incredible how many stunning different landscapes and beautiful cities you see in such a short amount of time. Everything was perfectly organised and the tour guide Hilton is amazing. He knows every place you go to really well so you always eat in the best places and stay in the nicest hotels/hostels. Also Noah was with us, another tour guide who will take over this trip soon. He is an awesome person and a great photographer like Hilton. I'm sure the tours with him in the future will be just as great and special because he was born in Peru so he will show you his home. We had a lot of fun and were a really small group which made it even more special. I completely recommend Visit South America to anyone who is planning a trip to this beautiful part of the world. You will have the time of your life! Thanks so much for the amazing trip, see you in Bolivia!

    thumb Mareike Lamboury
  •   I did the Peru on a Shoestring trip a few weeks ago, it was my first time really traveling on my own, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The VSA crew was super friendly and accomadating, Sofia was awesome, she helped me with any questions and concerns that I had, and she was always super quick to respond. Once I landed Hilton and Noah were great, from city to city, they took the hassle out of everything, they knew the best places to eat, drink, and have fun. When it came to setting up any tours, they took the lead on that and made the whole trip as stress free as possible! Throughout the whole trip, I met some incredible people and made some new friends. I would recommend traveling with Visit South America to any one looking for adventure through South America. They're awesome!

    thumb Victor Garcia
  •   I did a week-long customized tour of Cusco and Lima and the VSA team has been very organized and flexible throughout my tour. Sofia was very accommodating from the very start when I first inquired through email and she provided me with guidance and tips on how to do my tour since I only had a few days. I didn't bother inquiring to other tour groups because I felt Sofia's sincerity when I kept on changing my itinerary and asked too many questions. Hilton was also very hands on during my trip making sure I was taken cared of well and did last minute arrangement when I again changed my mind. :))) They went the extra mile when they arranged a mini tour for me in Lima when it wasn't part of the original itinerary. Jeff brought me to these local artsy places where I got to see vibrant city life of Lima.What I liked the best is how everything was personalized and genuine. Looking forward to my next trip with VSA! Will definitely be back! :)

    thumb Julienne Sayoc
  •   The most incredible service we could have ever dreamed of! We used Visit SoAm for information about our trip to Peru in particular, Machu Picchu and booked a Rainbow Mountain excursion with them - it was AMAZING. Our guide, Nilo ensured we were comfortable and had everything we needed to enjoy our day trip. Sofia helped us plan our trip to Peru from start to finish and was immensely helpful. I can't recommend this company enough!!!

    thumb Taylor Farrell
  •   What an incredible journey!!! The guys at visit South America went all in to make the best out of our experience in Peru and we have nothing to say but thank them! Although we didn’t have enough time to visit all there is to visit in beautiful huge Peru they still were able to customize our trip in a way where we enjoyed the highlights without running into the hordes of tourist which might spoil the experience! They are experts! They are nice, funny, patient and can respond to changes smoothly and efficiently! We definitely recommend them to anyone out there wishing to have a special personalized experience of South America!!! Thanks again!!!����

    thumb Celine Sursock
  •   Felicitaciones � Visit South America

    thumb Maria Azul Eje Cafetero
  •   Epic dream trip come true! VSA arranged everything for us from Magical Easter Island to the Atacama Desert, the Bolivian Salt lakes, Machu Picchu & last but certainly not least Rainbow Mountain. Great personal contact & service. Highly recommend!

    thumb Joanne De Fretes
  •   It has always been my dream to travel to Peru and Bolivia and with the help of VSA I had the trip of a lifetime. My Brother and I did a 25 day tour that was expertly arranged and simply exceeded my expectations. From sandboarding in the desert, trekking mountains, the breathtaking scenery and amazing people we met along the way this trip was just sensational. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide, Hilton was simply the best. He did everything to accommodate anything we wanted to experience and see, was always translating, helping to barter and taking amazing photos for us, and he knew all the best spots to eat and drink. It was like we hired a friend who took such excellent care of us and made sure everything was hassle free so we could just enjoy and have fun. I would highly recommend VSA and I can’t thank Hilton and the team enough. Can’t wait to travel with you again!

    thumb Karlee Penny


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