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Enjoy our Ayacucho tours in 2023!, A place of breathtaking beauty and cultural richness. Located in southern Peru, the city is renowned for its colonial architecture, surrounded by mystical mountains and lush jungles.  Make sure to check out Museo de la Memoria y Derechos Humanos, an important reminder of the region’s dark history during Peru’s civil war. Come explore this remarkable city!

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Top 5 Reasons to take our  Ayacucho tours

  1. Explore ancient Inca ruins: One of the most important archaeological sites of the ancient Incas, and explore its terraces, stone homes and painted murals from centuries ago.
  2. Experience local culture: Take part in traditional ceremonies such as Inti Raymi or Pachamama and witness Andean music and dance performances.
  3. Tour the Turquoise Lagoons: Enjoy an unforgettable day-trip with the Turquoise Millpu Lagoons tour. Ride along ancient trails while marveling at local wildlife, visit sacred sites and small Andean villages before taking a dip in crystal-clear waters of these stunning lagoons.
  4. Delicious cuisine: Ayacucho has some of Peru’s best culinary offerings. Sample traditional dishes like ceviche as well as chicharrón (pork crackling).
  5. Admire breathtaking views: From its narrow cobblestone streets to its snowcapped mountains and lush jungles, Ayacucho offers stunning landscapes that will leave you breathless!

Did you know that...

  • Folk Arts Ayacucho is known as Peru’s Capital of Folk Arts
  • World Heritage Site by UNESCOwell-preserved Spanish colonial architecture
  • Traditional FestivalsLocals dress up in colorful costumes
  • Incredible CraftsmanshipConsists in beautiful handmade textiles, ceramics and jewellery

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Best time to visit Ayacucho?
The best time to visit Ayacucho is from May to September when the weather is sunny and mild. This season also sees a variety of traditional festivals taking place, as well as spectacular trekking opportunities.
How long I should visit Ayacucho?
It will depend on what you are looking to experience while there. For those looking to explore the Inca ruins, or experience its culture through festivals, a stay of four days or more is recommended. However, if you’re looking for a relaxed weekend away, two or three days may be enough time to explore the city’s sights and enjoy its delicious cuisine.
Best itinerary in Ayacucho?
Visit the incredible turquoise Millpu lagoons. Where you can observe waterfalls and impressive rock formations that make the canyon. As well as the turquoise lagoons as far as the eye can see! Take a shot and be close to natural pools.

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