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When is the best time to visit Uyuni and the Deserts? (2022 updated)

Between the dry season and the rainy season there are certain benefits as disadvantages, however, to appreciate the mirror views, the best season to visit Uyuni could be from March to May. But don’t forget that to visit the deserts and the colored lagoons you will have to go between May and November.

Rainy season in Uyuni and the deserts

(late December to March)

Pros: Known as the magic season of Uyuni, these months the rains and diversions of rivers cause the flooding of the Salar de Uyuni, creating a layer of water (from 1cm to 50cm) that provides the mirror effect so desired by many travelers, That is why this season is usually one of the busiest and highest in Uyuni (note: prices can double or triple). Additionally, you can still find the mirror effects for the months of April to May, but it will depend on the changes in weather and the luck of nature.



Cons: The rains in the deserts are usually a serious problem for the accesses, sometimes the rivers overflow or other parts become muddy that even the best 4×4 car will get stuck on the road, when the rains are intense from January to February we don’t recommend taking routes through the deserts since you can have a bad experience (believe me, you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere). Consider twice taking a tour with a trusted operator if you are going to take the risk of visiting the lagoons and deserts. On the other hand, a lot of water in the Salar can mean that you won’t have good views with reflection, more you will see scenarios that look more like a sea than a mirror. In addition, you will not be able to visit the island of the giant cacti, like other attractions such as the Tunupa Volcano, the circuits inside the salt flat are very limited, even so, they are impressive.

Dry season in Uyuni and the deserts

(April to November)

Pros: basically the soils are hardened, this means that the access roads improve by 200%, this reduces the problems of stalling the car and helps to reach deserts and lagoons, trekking within the circuit such as Incachuasi Island, Tunupa Volcano or Mysterious lake (Qatal) can be done with ease and are worthwhile experiences!



Cons: The cold will be your enemy! The lowest temperatures are usually from June to August, this means that you have chances of snow in the deserts, cancellations due to weather or change of itinerary, and not being able to visit even 40% of the circuit. Sleeping in the desert can be the coldest experience you will ever have, since hostels, and even hotels are forced to cancel reservations due to snow or extreme weather. For all this, I recommend wearing many layers, thermal clothing, and extra patience, since those who have a worse time are the logistics of the tour operators.

Flamingoes on dry season, the landscapes in the desert are better.

My name is @jeffrysoria, in 10 years working in tourism in Bolivia I have experienced all the problems that a tourist or explorer-like you may have, the absence of good information on the internet or the little that is not updated is really a big stone in the shoe for everyone, that is why I have taken the time to travel through 2022 (April and many years) and write this lines where you will able to resolve all the problems you may have by separately and choose only what you need.

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