Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
Premium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day TourPremium Uyuni 3 Day Tour

Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour

Uyuni - Uyuni or Atacama
4WD Adventure

Step Into the Exquisite: A Journey Beyond the Ordinary Awaits on this Premium Uyuni 3 day tour

You have an appetite for the extraordinary, a longing for the exceptional. For you, life isn’t just about existing—it’s about truly living. Welcome to the tour that redefines ‘experience,’ crafted exclusively for the discerning few like yourself.


Let’s Get Real: The Bolivian Exception

Before we set sail on this exciting journey, it’s crucial to set expectations. Bolivia offers a mystic charm that no developed country can match. However, luxury here is about unearthing exclusive experiences, not replicating the ostentation of European or American hotels. You will stay at the region’s top establishments, but remember—luxury is local here.


Visualize Your Magic Moment

Picture this: 6:25 PM, just minutes before the golden hour envelops the horizon. The world already seems dipped in a surreal hue. You arrive at a sunset spot meticulously curated just for you. A table adorned with gourmet cheese, premium cold cuts, and a bottle of chilled rosé wine is waiting. Flowers add a romantic touch, and personal attendants stand by to fulfill every wish. She says ‘yes,’ and that moment—imbued with magic—forever etches into your memory.


Unfettered Creativity, Unlimited Possibilities

Our itineraries aren’t rigid—far from it. We respect your imagination, and the sky’s the limit here (though, as eco-warriors, we draw the line at elephants and horses). From special requests to budget considerations, we’re flexible enough to ensure your dream takes form in the most authentic way. We’ve even orchestrated an unforgettable moment with over 30,000 flowers for a single snapshot—anything is possible.


For the planner in you, we have two experiences ready to roll:

Tour Details

  • Duration3 Days
  • Type Trip4WD Adventure
  • Group SizePrivate
  • LanguagesEng, Esp, Fr,
  • SeasonYear around
  • DifficultyEasy


Why us

  • Reliable tour operator, certified guides, and drivers. Guaranteed Quality!
  • A flexible itinerary can be handled upside down
  • Recommended for content creators by content creators
  • We have MICE specialists and event planners
  • Personalized assistance before, during, and after the trip
  • Explore the hidden spots to take that epic photos


    Travel route

    Day 1: Uyuni/Colchani/Salar de Uyuni/Incachuasi Island
    Day 2: Altiplanic lagoons/Siloli Desert /Laguna Colorada/Geysers/Hotsprings
    Day 3: Dalí Desert/Laguna Verde [See the Itinerary – Next Tab]


    Technical Details

    Starts at: Uyuni
    Name: Premium Uyuni 3 Day Tour
    Ends in: Uyuni (could finish in San Pedro de Atacama)
    Total Hiking:1 hour per day
    Altitude: highest point 5000m (16.440 ft) / lowest point 3600m (11.800 ft)


    Uyuni Destinations

    Train Cemetery
    Colchani (Salt Souvenirs)
    Crystal & Salt Eyes
    Dakar Monument
    Incahuasi Island (only dry season)
    Sunset on Salt Flats
    Lagoons: Cañapa, Honda, Chiarkota, Hedionda
    Tree Stone
    Laguna Colorada
    Geysers de Sol de Mañana
    Hot Springs
    Laguna Verde


    Day 1 Salt Flats - Incahuasi Island - Sunset - Uyuni


    We begin our adventure! We will visit the famous Train Cemetery in Uyuni. Perfect for taking a couple of old photos!


    (Optional) we will explore the artisanal salt factories, where the local salt is processed to be brought to your table. Colchani is the best place to do your shopping: Ponchos, salt souvenirs, llama, and alpaca things.


    We will hike for approximately 1 hour visiting the most beautiful island of the Salar, Incachuasi, a complex full of giant cacti, petrified corals, and beautiful 360 degree views. (There is no access in the rainy season)


    We will enjoy a country lunch in the middle of the Salar, an intimate way to get to know this destination, just for you and away from the crowds.


    Some of the options are:

    • Local Andean Buffet (Apthapi)
    • Gourmet Fusion + Bolivian dishes
    • Grill (Korean or American) and Buffet garnishes
    • Sushi Buffet, Bowls

    All options include drinks, a local chef, and turndown service.


    We will have enough time to play with the camera, take fun photos with perspective, and explore the salt crystals and salt eyes which are very interesting because they show us the natural process of salt.


    The magic begins with the creativity that you can have. Clear! It depends a lot on the season, you can do a thousand wonders in the Salar:

    Rainy season December to February
    Dry season March to November
    Best season photos with reflection March and April

    If you need a travel guide to visit the Salar de Uyuni click here

    Do you want photos? You will have to tell us what you have in mind, it includes a drone? photos with dresses, and flowers, among other ideas you may have. This is where the content creator has to dig deep. Think that you will not return to the salt flat in many years, don’t miss this opportunity!

    Accommodation: Palacio de Sal 5* or Similar (Option for camping + gear)

    Meals Included: Picnic Lunch, Toast, Dinner

    Day 2 Minor Lagoons - Tree Stone - Laguna Colorada - Geysers - Polques


    We will continue our adventure through the desert visiting the most paradisiacal landscapes of the Bolivian deserts.

    We visit the famous Valley of Rocks, an extensive chain of volcanic rocks surrounded by wonderful landscapes, viscachas (Andean rabbits), llamas, vicuñas among other highland animals.


    We will begin our visit to the Lagunas de los Andes, 4 different lagoons, some of them full of flamingos with landscapes of volcanoes.


    We visited our first desert! Welcome to Siloli, a limitless red space with impressive formations such as the Stone Tree that was carved by wind and rain for thousands of years.


    Don’t tell anyone, but from far away the Laguna Colorada could become your favorite destination of the whole adventure, in addition to being a finalist in the Natural Wonders of the World, this lagoon is the cradle of thousands of thousands of pink flamingos, its landscapes are taken from a surreal art oil painting since you will be able to appreciate volcanoes, llamas, vicuñas and colors so strange that it ranges from pink to red tones.


    Arrival at our hotel


    Accommodation: Local Hotel Tayka del Desierto or similar

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner

    Day 3 Laguna Verde - Dali - Uyuni


    Breakfast at our hotel


    Discover the Geysers Sol de Mañana, amazing way to involve with nature!


    We enjoy the natural pools of Polques, a relaxing place with unforgettable landscapes.


    We leave for the border with Chile where on the way we will explore the most beautiful desert in the entire country: Salvador Dali with 360-degree views.


    We visited the Laguna Verde and the Licancabur Volcano, a natural spectacle, literally the border of Bolivia and Chile.


    We return to the city of Uyuni.


    After our lunch, we arrive at Uyuni

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch

    What’s included

    • 1 Night Salt Hotel 5* (Palacio de Sal or similar)
    • 1 Night Hotel Tayka 3* or similar
    • Bilingual Guide (could be: English, French, German, others)
    • Tickets & Entrances
    • Photographer (1st day)
    • Local Chef (1st day)
    • 4WD Private Transportation
    • Extra Equipment (boots)
    • 2 Breakfast
    • 3 Picnic Lunch
    • 2 Dinners
    • 1 Celebratory Toast (wine + snacks)
    • Optional Tips (always welcomed!)
    • Private Transfer to Atacama

    Not suitable for

    • Pregnant women
    • People with heart problems
    • People with extreme allergies to dust

    What to Bring

    • Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat & Buff Mask, Lipstick
    • Trek shoes, Wind breaker Jacket

    Important information

    Explore our Bolivia Gallery on Instagram @experiencebolivia for more inspiration. Before taking this Premium Uyuni 3-Day Tour:

    What Makes This 3-Day Uyuni & Deserts Tour "Premium"?

    The "Premium" in our 3-day Uyuni & Deserts tour signifies an elevated level of comfort, exclusivity, and personalized services. From luxury accommodations to exclusive private guides, this package ensures a lavish and unforgettable experience.

    Is This Tour Suitable for Children or Elderly Guests?

    While the tour is designed for a more comfortable and personalized experience, it does involve travel through remote and uneven terrains. Children over 12 years and elderly guests who are in good health are generally able to join the tour. However, we recommend consulting a healthcare provider for a personalized recommendation.

    What Safety Measures Are in Place?

    We take your safety seriously. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and satellite communication. Moreover, we always carry a well-stocked first aid kit, and our tour guides are certified in first aid procedures.

    How Do I Book the 3-Day Premium Uyuni & Deserts Tour?

    Booking is simple and convenient through our online portal. Choose your desired dates, also you can pay a 20% deposit to secure your spot (via email) Our travel consultants are also available via phone or email to assist with your booking and answer any additional queries.

    Frequent Questions

    Customize this tour

    This, and all the tours we offer online can always be customized, whether you are looking for upgrade alternatives, large groups, more flexible hours, have a special occasion (honeymoon, engagement), are a content creator, or are simply looking for something more private. We have all the alternatives to personalize your trip. Email us to, leave us a message at +1 949 299 8915

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    What are your payment methods?

    Our online payment methods are PayPal, Stripe (credit card payment), and bank transfers in the U.S. or in Latin America. The options have a use tax of 2% to 4%

    How and when will I receive the reservation confirmation?

    Once the payment is made, we will send you a tour confirmation email. If the travel dates are very close, we will contact you as soon as possible, if they are extended dates we will keep in touch by email or WhatsApp contact 3 to 5 weeks before.

    What happens if my reservation cannot be confirmed?

    99% of the reservations are usually confirmed, however, if there is the availability of hotels, services, or others, we will offer an alternative of dates, lodging, or services. In the event that we are unable to help, full refund policies apply.

    Is it necessary to reconfirm my reservation before the trip?

    No, the confirmation email in your inbox is enough to validate the adventure.

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    Any modification, cancellation, or update of data must be done by email by mentioning the unique reservation # code generated to

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