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Uncover Bolivia’s Hidden Gem: UMA Experience (trending destination 2024)

A Magical Experience Just 3 Hours from La Paz

Nestled only 7 minutes from the town of Coroico and a mere 3-hour journey from the bustling city of La Paz, Bolivia, lies a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Welcome to “UMA Experience” an exclusive ecolodge that exudes luxury while preserving an intimate connection with nature.

The Distinctive Architecture and Surroundings

UMA’s architecture is a marvel to behold, blending fine materials with local elements. The harmony achieved with nature, combined with the lodge’s luxurious features, creates an ambiance that is both welcoming and exclusive.

Two Outstanding Features You Cannot Miss

  • Recreational Spaces Combined with Nature’s Beauty UMA offers comfort intertwined with the majestic natural surroundings, but the crown jewel is the infinity pool boasting views of “Los Yungas” in Bolivia. A sight so unimaginable that visiting this place just for a photograph would be entirely worthwhile.
  • A Culinary Delight by One of Bolivia’s Best Chefs Savor a diverse blend of traditional Bolivian dishes and universal options designed to satisfy the diverse palate of both locals and foreigners. This gastronomic experience is curated by one of Bolivia’s best chefs – MARKO BONIFAZ -, promising an unforgettable meal.
Jimena Suarez at UMA Experience Bolivia

Affordability and Accommodation Options

With prices incredibly accessible, ranging from 150$ to 250$ (for 6 people or fewer), there’s an option to suit every traveler’s needs.

How Many Days to Spend at UMA?

I recommend a stay of 2 to 3 days to fully immerse yourself in all that UMA has to offer.

Ideal itineraries:

  • Option 1: Embrace adventure with the Death Road tour, then unwind at UMA.
  • Option 2: Add an extra day for a coffee plantation tour and YOGA experience, reconnecting with oneself in the deepest nature.


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Where is Coroico?

Coroico is a quaint town in Bolivia, positioned perfectly as a gateway to the mesmerizing views and experiences that the region offers. The proximity to La Paz and unique local culture make it a perfect starting point for adventures like UMA.

Booking Information

To reserve your spot at UMA, visit their website directly or go through However, spaces fill up incredibly quickly, so it’s highly recommended to book 3 to 6 weeks in advance, at least.

How to Get to UMA Experience?

You’ll need to coordinate with UMA for pickup from Coroico or opt for a guided tour, which is the most recommended way to ensure a seamless experience.

UMA offers peace, disconnection, and quality time with loved ones. It promises to surpass your expectations and stands as one of the best alternatives for 2023 – 2024 and beyond as the top things to do in La Paz Bolivia.

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