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Uyuni Salt Hotels: Where to Stay, Service, Prices & Comparison Tables

Staying in one of Uyuni salt hotel can be an excellent option for appreciating the unique experience of sleeping in a boutique hotel; some even have beds made of salt as well as walls and sculptures that will surprise you. We recommend these hotels due to their pool, gym or a private jacuzzi and they have suit all tastes.  Let get started!

Palacio de Sal

We have the Palacio de Sal as our first Uyuni salt hotel. This incredible hotel is the first salt hotel in the world! Among all the rooms that exist in Palacio de Sal, there are three categories: Suites, VIP rooms, and standard rooms. As you have already chosen your accommodation in Uyuni, we always recommend that have an upgrade, meaning that it would be a new experience, if you choose Palacio de Sal for your accommodation, think about the Suites and VIP rooms.

Palacio de Sal Uyuni Playing Room

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Visiting the Palacio de Sal Hotel in Uyuni, Bolivia is an absolute must for any traveler. Enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area from your windows, you can find a variety of services such as a spa and wellness center, bar-restaurant, and room service.

Where is located Palacio de Sal? Only 30 minutes away from the town of Uyuni and is located in Colchani, a very small town on the shores of the salt flats:

Palacio de Sal Location in Colchani 

Facts about Palacio de Sal

The Hotel has incredible activities, but what stands out most is the use of its pool and spa area; access to the pool is open and it has an unheated swimming pool section with highly recommended hydro-massage facilities. Apart from that, it has a restaurant buffet and a fully equipped bar. Inside the hotel, you can also request to rent bikes for different experiences, and you can also choose your tour.

Service in one of Uyuni Salt flats hotel

In terms of service, it gets an 8/10 due to the personal, during high season they have very few staff which affects check-in times. On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks. There are standard rooms like #106 or #104 which do not have windows, or face the hallway, and are very small; you must make sure to avoid these rooms when booking.

Another negative point is that if you choose to stay only at the hotel without taking a tour, in Colchani, there are no restaurants nearby, forcing travelers to eat inside of the hotel; however, prices for lunch or dinner are a bit expensive compared to those found in Uyuni City (USD 28).

Experience in the World’s first Uyuni Salt hotel

Experiences at the Palacio de Sal is excellent, the rooms are like an igloo and they are very charming and definitely worth staying. Sleeping here makes you feel an air of relaxation and peace. From spending hours splashing in the pool, enjoying a glass of Singani (a traditional Bolivian drink) in its perfectly decorated bar, as well as facilities to work, games room or relaxation as an ideal area for yoga. From a personal point of view, Palacio de Sal will not disappoint you if you have the right expectations.

Luna Salada

Now its time to talk about the Uyuni salt hotel: Luna Salada, this hotel is quite bigger than Palacio de Sal and has better rooms. Also, there are two categories: Rooms where you can see the salt flat and rooms where the view is the sunrise, the rooms are also classified as Standard, Deluxe, and Suite, which is quite interesting to have the top rooms because you can see the big difference.

Salar de Uyuni salt hotel
Luna Salada – private romantic dinner decoration

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If you want to know where is Luna Salada  located, click below:

Luna Salada Location in Colchani

Facts about Luna Salada

Well despite having more space, it doesn’t have a pool but it does have a very private spa, a quite epic and exclusive experience, the decoration of Luna Salada is better than Palacio de Sal, because it has more art and more design in its structure. It counts with small private rooms where you can be with your friends who joined you in your trip. It also has a complete bar and also has a super complete game room.

Service in Luna Salada salt hotel

The service topic, food gets 9/10 because it surpasses Palacio de Sal’s food service, its service is buffet or choosing one plate for lunch and dinner, and the price is USD 26. Regarding customer service, everything will depend on the high demand. Many times there will only be 2 people at the reception taking care of hundreds of people and maybe you have a bad time with the delay times. Regarding the service of its facilities and experiences, we can say that it will exceed your expectations, for example: organizing a romantic dinner, using the spa or the decorated room.

Experience in this luxury Uyuni salt hotel collection

It has luxurious surroundings and can be quite interesting experience because the view is much better and from a small hill you can see all of Uyuni’s salt flat; additionally, if you get some space you can observe stars at night but you must bundle up because it gets really cold, bring a jacket!

Cristal Samaña

Our third and last recommended option is the Hotel Cristal Samaña. Quirky hotel, somewhat confusing but quite interesting. One of the alternative hotels, which we could recommend for those looking for a totally different experience than the other salt hotels

salar de uyuni salt hotel
Cristal Samaña, new rooms with great view to salt flats

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If you want to know where is Crystal Samaña located, click below:

Cristal Samaña Location in Colchani

Facts about Crystal Samaña

The Cristal Samaña hotel is a lower category hotel than Palacio and Luna Salada, it is a hotel designed with a quite modern sector and one that is juvenile, besides that this hotel is the only one with a gymnasium as an advantage and it has spaces for events too. Also, have places that have different themes.

There are two blocks, the old one and the new one. The rooms of the New Block are very nice, comfortable and spacious. However, the standard rooms of the Old Block are not so good because they are small places. And there are no good experiences in the old rooms.
If you travel to Uyuni with a large group, in this hotel budget is lower and if you have more options to do but specifically for young people.

Service in Cristal Samaña salt hotel

In terms of food, it’s a 6/10 because there’s no standardization of services and the changes in the staff make it very unstable in terms of food. The cons of this hotel are the service (based on multiple experiences), It’s still a good place to stay.

Experience in Cristal Samaña

In terms of experience, it does not have a pool or spa, but they have a balcony with a view of the salt flat where they have private domes that can be rented and with incredible decorations for a dinner or to watch the sunset. You choose!

Comparison Table: Best salt Hotels in Colchani


   * Hotel                     Price                                                                   My Experience
Colchani         5*                      Palacio de Sal          180$ – 280$ DWB         9/10   Pool & Spa
Colchani  4* sup       Luna Salada 165$ – 260$ DWB  8/10   Good
Colchani                     4*                          Cristal   Samaña                                                           135$ – 220$ DWB                                7,5/10 igloos on the Balcony                                            

*DWB: Double with bathroom.

This table is from the article, Uyuni Budget

Other Uyuni salt flats hotel options

Now talking about Uyuni salt flats hotels, there are different the hotels like Luna Salada, are complex tourist sites where you have everything a hotel should have. in Uyuni,  the hotels are very small with many rooms; don’t expect to have a room like at the Hotel Palacio de Sal for example. It is a basic 2* or 3* hotel but for the experience of staying in the city of Uyuni it is worth doing.

The difference between Uyuni and Colchani budgets is: a Uyuni hotel costs from USD 50 to 80, compared to a hotel in Colchani such as Palacio de Sal, that price is from USD 220 including dinner. So if you don’t want to spend more, then Hotels in Uyuni are a good alternative.

In Uyuni you can find very good rooms, for example, in  Nido de Flamenco, there’s a room that has a private Jacuzzi, and Casona de Sal you can see its very rustic. The experience will be very pleasant.

Uyuni salt hotel
Hotel Nido de Flamenco – Deluxe Room

In Casona de Sal, they have a small sauna, and Kachi de Uyuni is quite similar to Nido de Flamenco and if you’re traveling with many people it’s a good option. You must experience sleeping with the salt decorations; it’s pleasant and it feels like your are  in an igloo.

Hotel Rustico  entrada
Hotel Rustico Casona de Sal – Standar Room

Comparison Table: Best Hotels in Uyuni 

 Location        *             Hotel           Price                            My Experience
  Uyuni       4*        Jardines de Uyuni 75$ – 130$ DWB           9/10 pool & meals
  Uyuni      4*        Almuneda  70$ – 95$ DWB           8/10 modern style
  Uyu – Salt      3*        Casona de Sal 60$ – 75$ DWB           7/10 regular service
  Uyu – Salt      3*       Nido del Flamenco 45$ – 70$ DWB           9/10 our favorite
  Uyu – Salt      3*       Kachi de Uyuni 55$ – 75$ DWB           8/10 Interesting 

*DWB: Double with bathroom.

This table is from the article, Uyuni Budget 

Apart from offering its guests modern comforts, this hotels gives visitors a chance to immerse themselves completely into their surroundings while exploring one of South America’s most spectacular landscapes without sacrificing comfort or safety, and allowing travelers to take advantage every minute they spend there without worrying about anything else than just taking it all in! Are you ready to visit a Salt Hotel in Bolivia? Remember that you can find  more information in the following sections:

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