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Salar de Uyuni cost: tours, hotels, restaurants & more

If you are looking to know how much does it cost to go to Salar de Uyuni (hotels, restaurants, tours), where to stay and eat, or how to choose the perfect Uyuni tour cost?, you are in the right place! In the next article, we are going to share with you a complete budget guide for Uyuni in 2023 never been made before.

Uyuni is a small town located in the southwestern region of Bolivia. It has become increasingly popular amongst tourists due to its amazing views, traditions, culture, a variety of outdoor activities like trekking, biking, and stargazing. 

Planning a trip to Uyuni?

Estimating the budget for your stay can be tricky. When choosing accommodation in Uyuni and Colchani, there are a variety of Salar de Uyuni cost options available to you. Keep in mind that hotel ratings are not always consistent, so it’s important to read reviews and do some research before selecting one, at the end, the rating depends on a human perspective based in their needs.

The best accommodations I have personally visited and would recommend include hotels, hostels, and camping sites. Hotels tend to be more expensive, but they offer all the modern comforts such as private bathrooms, decks with stunning views and 24-hour security. Hostels provide a great balance of affordability and cleanliness, while guesthouses are often quaint yet cozy places for travelers seeking a unique experience. Finally, some people prefer to camp under the starry sky of Uyuni, just make sure you bring the right gear!

Comparison Table: Best Hotels in Uyuni 

 Location        *             Hotel           Price                            My Experience
  Uyuni       4*        Jardines de Uyuni 75$ – 130$ DWB           9/10 pool & meals
  Uyuni      4*        Almuneda  70$ – 95$ DWB           8/10 modern style
  Uyu – Salt      3*        Casa de Sal 60$ – 75$ DWB           7/10 regular service
  Uyu – Salt      3*       Nido del Flamenco 45$ – 70$ DWB           9/10 my favorite
  Uyu – Salt      3*       Kachi de Uyuni 55$ – 75$ DWB           8/10 Interesting 

*DWB: Double with bathroom.

Comparison Table: Best Hotels in Colchani


   * Hotel                     Price                                                                   My Experience
Colchani         5*                      Palacio de Sal          180$ – 260$ DWB         9/10   Pool & Spa
Colchani  4*       Luna Salada 135$ – 200$ DWB  8/10   Good
Colchani                     4*                          Cristal   Samaña                                                           135$ – 190$ DWB                                8/10 igloos in the Balcony                                            
Colchani 3*       Sumaj Rijchariy 120$ – 150$ DWB 7/10 Service

*DWB: Double with bathroom.

Comparison Table: Best Hotels in Uyuni

Location Hotel  Price My Experience
              Uyuni Toñito  70$ – 75$ DWB 9/10 Breakfast & Pizzas
              Uyuni                   Onkel Inn                    30$ – 50$ DWB                9/10 Exotic vagons
     Uyuni Le Ciel  25$ – 35$ DWB      7/10  medium cost, location

*DWB: Double with bathroom.


Don’t stress too much about choosing your hotel; prioritize your budget (Uyuni tour cost), travel style and make sure you won’t be cold if it’s wintertime (hot showers are a must!). In my experience I see that 90% of  your time will be spent in exploring, which means you’ll return to your hotel late at night for dinner and rest. Believe me… the location is not very important because you won’t be spending much time in the accommodation, so, you need to just focus on getting a good night’s sleep!

Uyuni restaurants: Where to eat?

Let’s start with the fact that I love to eat, that means that my travel style involves eating well. I’m sorry to tell you that you’ll be disappointed sometimes with the food. Here in Uyuni, the food options are limited and if you extend your stay it is probable that you will end up repeating the menus. but I have some recommendations based on my own experiences, here are some of the best restaurants Uyuni has to offer:

  1. Hot Spot New Religion: This restaurant offers a unique experience that includes local ingredients from the Andes in each course of their vegetarian menu. Every dish is crafted with incredible care and detail, which makes it an explosion of various flavors for your taste buds. I highly recommend you to go, you would not be disappointed.
  2. Tika Restaurant: This restaurant is located in Jardines de Uyuni Hotel, 5 blocks away from the center. It’s the only option that combines Bolivian and international cuisine. Its a beautiful, warm place with good service. Prices range from 8$ to 20$, this local is open for dinner only. I recommend to make a reservation with anticipation because they only cook with fresh ingredients, so it might take some time.
  3. Cáctus Restaurant: This local was created for the Korean segment. It is a restaurant that can offer you a comfortable atmosphere and good service, the flavor is not one of my favorites but at least you will have a place to wait, have coffee and good wifi.
  4. Pizzeria Donna Isabella: One of  my favorite pizzas, this local has a variety of flavors, with vegetarian options, and other Italian specialties, they won’t disappoint but they won’t surprise you either
  5. Pizzería Toñito: The hidden place in Uyuni, is ideal when you’re with friends since it’s quite familiar and pleasant to be in its facilities. The place has a lot of history, I recommend it for the pizzas, they are very good.
best restaurants uyuni
Incredible food in Hot Spot new Religion

* Note: I wouldn’t recommend eating near the Uyuni Clock, which is the center of the town, as it’s a mix of  Uyuni restaurants, a real roulette! You can find some classic food there but also be prepared to find something unexpected.

Salar de Uyuni Tours Cost

Want to know how to choose a good tour in Uyuni and the Colorful Lagoons?

Easy… Come with Visit South America! When you visit Uyuni, you will be faced with a thousand of options where: they don’t have confidence, lack of reliable information and lack of communication (if you don’t speak Spanish) will be problems that will lead to extreme stress. However, I am going to give you the best tips to choose a good company, a good tour according to your budget and the destinations available.

Let’s get started!

uyuni tour cost

Rule #1 You must understand that Salar de Uyuni is not the main destination, as it is just a small part of the deserts of Potosí (the department where it is located). Personally, I believe that the Colorful Lakes and deserts are far more impressive than the salt flat itself, so consider taking 3 to 5 day tours, unless you’re short on time or budget.

Rule #2 All tours are done in old 4WD cars (from 1990 to 2006), Toyotas Landcruiser’s and Nissan Patrol’s that their parents or even grandparents used to drive, but why? The Salar de Uyuni is composed of chemical components, charged with energy which destroy all the vehicle’s electrical system. That’s why if we drive a new car (from 2022), because if a tiny salt gets into the engine it could completely destroy the car. Therefore, all tours are operated like this, so don’t expect much comfort on the car.

Rule #3 Since 4WD are for every tour, spaces are usually limited, where up to 4 tourists can comfortably fit and up to a maximum of 6 tourists per vehicle (according to Uyuni regulations), prices are prorated and divided among however many people are in the adventure. The key to success is traveling in groups of 4 to 6 people, no less or more so that you can find good prices with quality service.

Rule #4 There are 2 types of traditional tours, let’s see which ones and their prices!

Private vs Shared Tours

Pros of Taking a Private Tour to Uyuni:

  • Private tours, are more expensive with better experience. These tours are what they call “dream trips”, since you can customize the itinerary, avoid crowds and visit places where they can be exclusive. Aimed at couples, families and large groups, these are tailor-made trips that visit Uyuni and the deserts for 1 to 5 days, usually these tours can include sleeping in Colchani salt hotels (which we saw above) with experiences that will blow your mind.

Cons of Taking a Private Tour to Uyuni:

  1. Uyuni tour cost is expensive.
  2. The more you want to customize the service the Uyuni tour cost will be higher.
  3. Usually the best way is to travel in a group of friends, families or couples from 4 to a maximum of 5 people, so it can fit into a better budget.

Table of prices for a private tour in Uyuni and the Lagoons:

       Time                                                                            Type                                                                     Per person                                                                            Group size                                   Destinations
     4 hours     Private 150$ – 300$ 1-5 persons             Sunset / Sunrise
      1 Day      Private 220$ – 400$ 1-5 persons             Salt Flats only
      2 Days     Private 390$ – 700$ 1-5 persons             Salt Flats + Tunupa
      3 Days*     Private 680$ – 1200$ 1-5 persons             Salt Flats + Laguna Colorada +                                    Laguna Verde + Geysers + Hot Springs
      4 Days*      Private 890$ – 1450$ 1-5 persons             Salt Flats + Laguna Colorada + Laguna                   Verde + Geysers + Hot Springs

Important notes:

  1. Prices usually do not include accommodations, tickets, or tips.
  2. All tours are classic routes with a standard service.
  3. Prices vary if you need a guide, though many drivers in Uyuni will also provide tour guiding services in Spanish.

Pros of taking a shared tour to Uyuni: 

Low price, standardized and unreliable. Shared tours are characterized by sharing the car between 5 to 6 people (never go with a company that goes with 7 people as it is illegal and quite unsafe), usually shared tours are 1 and 3 days since they have high demand. If you are one of those solo travelers or a couple looking for good budgets, this will definitely be your option.

Cons of Taking a shared Tour to Uyuni:

Definitely, you must take a company that proves trustworthiness, and professionalism and do staking of previous experiences, and comments on Trip Advisor or Facebook. Since many people do not do their research on these points they end up buying the tours hours or 1 day before the adventure. I’ve heard the phrase “we bought directly from Uyuni because the Salar de  Uyuni cost it’s cheaper” so many times and I’ve seen hundreds of tourists disappointed, with accommodation problems, car, guide, driver, especially food (intoxication). I always recommend organizing your adventure in detail for Uyuni, it is a destination that lacks the professionalism of operators and can become a terrible experience for your adventure.

Table of prices for a shared tour in Uyuni and the Lagoons:

Time Type   Bs. per person      Group size                                Destinations
4 hours Shared                               22$  – 50$     5-6 per person   Sunset / Sunrise
1 Day Shared 27$ – 65$     5-6 per person  Salt Flats only
2 Days Shared 70$ – 145$     5-6 per person   Sal Flats + Tunupa
3 Days                     Shared 150$ – 290$     5-6 per person   Salt Flats + Laguna Colorada
+ Laguna Verde +
Geysers + Hotsprings

Important notes:

  1. Prices usually do not include tickets, tips or shared rooms with shared bathrooms.
  2. All tours are classic routes, a basic service – lower your expectations!
  3. Prices vary if you are looking for a guide or not.

Remember that if you are looking for a shared tour in English, you will need to book in advance as due to COVID, English-speaking guides no longer live in Uyuni and travel from other cities for the service.

What is the best tour to visit Uyuni and the colored lagoons on a tight budget?

We will go straight to the point! with Visit South America, How To Uyuni Operadora and World White Travel, we have designed a unique, reliable product at an incredible budget with added services that no other company will offer you. For 10 years we have only worked with private tours, personalized tours and a premium team, however, due to the high demand for shared tours, we decided to open an alternative that fits your pocket and gives you the certainty that you will have an excellent adventure. Here are the comparison table of the Salar de Uyuni cost with Visit South America and Other Companies:

Comparison Table: Visit South America vs. Other Companies:

Uyuni Cost Tour Visit South America Other Companies
Transport 4WD Include Include
Meals 2 Bkst 3 Lnch 2 Din 2 Bkst 3 Lnch 2 Din
Toast in Salt Flats Include Include
English Guide Include Not Include
Accommodation 1st night Salt Hotel 2-3* w/ bathroom Salt basic hostel w/ shared bathroom
Accommodation 2nd night Basic plus hostel w/ bathroom Basic refugee w/ shared bathroom
Tickets   Not Include  Not Include
Oxige + First Aid Kit  Include Not Include
Book online Yes No

Why us?

  1. We use a 3-star Salt Hotel instead of a basic one
  2. Reliable tour operator, certified guides, and drivers
  3. Flexible itinerary can be customized
  4. Continue your adventure in San Pedro de Atacama (+12$)
  5. Explore the hidden spots to take that epic Insta pic – we are fans!

You can discover here this Salar de Uyuni 3 Day Tour (Shared & English), the price is $ 175 per person, with daily departures  with maximum 5 people and an English service.


I hope this information really was helpful for you. I am a digital nomad for 10 years now, and I have seen the needs and everyday problems of travelers in South America and the true purpose of providing this guide for Salar de Uyuni cost, is to really help you plan your next adventure to this wonderful destination. If you need help planning your trip to South America, please contact us!

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