Incahuasi Island

Where is located Incahuasi Island?

Incahuasi Island is located in the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, located in southwestern Bolivia. This place is known because its in the middle of the Salta Flats and for its giant cacti, some of which can reach the 12 meters (39 ft). These incredible island that have flora and fauna, its part of Uyuni salt flats, and you must take time it visit!

The island was initially called Isla Inca Huasi, which means “Inca House” in Quechua language. This name was given by locals due to the belief that this place could be an ancient Inca settlement because it has an archaeological site with pre-Columbian remains.

Isla Incahuasi Uyuni

Incahuasi: The ticket price/facilities.

You can discover this island by buying a ticket, the  price is only Bs. 30 (USD 4.30) for foreign people and  Bs. 5 for local people, also buying this ticket you have access to bathrooms (they are always cleaning the bathrooms so they are acceptable). Additionally, you can get to explore an epic Cave without having to buy any extra tickets!

They don’t have allot of souvenirs, so our advice is to buy the souvenirs in Colchani, where you can find perfect details that you can bring back home and keep as reminders of your amazing experience. Get ready to discover Incahuasi now!

Incahuasi cave

Weather in Incahuasi Island

The weather plays an important role in maintaining these enormous plants since there’s no rain during most of the year, meaning that water scarcity isn’t a problem for them. At certain times during winter months there are light rains that help nourish their roots and keep them alive.

Because this place is such a beautiful area, many tourists visit every year for trekking and camping activities, the total trekking until you reach the top is approximately 30 minutes, although some areas may require special permission before entering due to wildlife protection regulations by Bolivian government entities or private landowners.

The travelers usually get captivated by its natural beauty and take pictures with these huge cactuses as souvenirs from their journey around Salar de Uyuni; making sure not to harm any plants or vegetation throughout their stay on this amazing oasis amidst bolivian salt flats desert region.

Gian Cacti

These giant cacti cover the entirety of Incahuasi Island. The cacti on Incahuasi Island have unique characteristics compared to other species because they can grow more than twice as high as other members of their family.

These giant cacti are protected by Bolivian law and it’s forbidden to remove them from their natural habitat or cut them down without permission. It is believed that these plants can live up to 200 years and still grow steadily despite its harsh environment!

Isla Incahuasi
Waiting sunset at Incahuasi Island

Flora and Fauna at Incahuasi Island

The local flora and fauna is also rich in variety due to the environment in Incahuasi Island; mostly consisting of lizards and birds, this animals survive under extreme conditions like intense sunlight and lack of water. And this is also another reason why the giant cacti thrive so well here too.

The place offers photographers plenty opportunities for getting stunning pictures while exploring this place near Uyuni salt flat region in Bolívia, South America continent.

Visiting Incahuasi Island on Salar de Uyuni is truly an unforgettable experience that will stay in every traveler’s mind long after they leave. Its mix of incredible landscapes, unique flora and fauna, and ancient cacti are something worth seeing when traveling around Bolivia.

Incahuasi Island

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