Uyuni Packing List: All you need for your trip

Packing for a trip to Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats can seem overwhelming, but it can be made much simpler by knowing which items are essential. From thermal clothing for cold nights to sun protection for hot days, here is a comprehensive list of the most important items that should be packed before your next trip.

Seasons in Uyuni

When packing for a trip to Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats, it is important to consider the season in which you are traveling. The dry season runs from April to October and offers cooler temperatures with no rain in sight.  But in the rainy season (between November to March) this season can be unpredictable so travelers need to make a plan accordingly with selecting their wardrobe.  If you want to read more we have an article about the Seasons in Uyuni, check it out, so you have more idea of what to bring to Uyuni.

Packing List for your trip to Uyuni

First and foremost, any visitor to the Bolivian Salt Flats must pack layers of thermal clothing to combat the frigid temperatures on clear nights in this region of the world. Jackets and pants with insulation are necessary, ideally waterproof ones as most activities involve getting wet.

Additionally, hats and gloves should also come along with you so that you don’t have any cold surprises while exploring.  When packing clothes, travelers would be wise to also throw in some outerwear such as windbreakers. Furthermore, comfortable shoes should also make the list so you can access all the sights without worrying about injuries or blisters.

During the day, you should also bring clothing made with materials like linen or cotton which will allow air to circulate better than synthetic fabrics. If you are going to the deserts and lagoons, don’t forget to take a swimsuit for hot springs.

Another essential item for your trip would be sunscreen, sunglasses and hats for protection against the strong Bolivian sun and UV rays. You may also want to bring along long-sleeve shirts and trousers to cover up during cooler evenings or when needed during hikes into the nearby Altiplano region.


To ensure you have enough energy throughout your day out at Uyuni Salt Flats, remember to take plenty of snacks and drinks with you as there are no shops nearby (or anywhere close). It is recommended to store them in your backpack. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, it’s better if you take a bottle or a thermo and refill it with water before setting out each day, this will help keep them cool in the hot Bolivian climate.

In addition to all these practical items, don’t forget to bring your camera! The Uyuni Salt Flats provide an amazing opportunity for photography, its remarkable landscape will create stunning photos worthy of sharing on social media or framing at home! Make sure that your camera has to allot of free space so that none of those special moments get missed along the way. There are many types of pictures you can take in Uyuni Salt Flats.

Double Check for Uyuni Packing list:

  • ✅ Thermal clothing: jackets, pants, hats, and gloves that are waterproof
  • ✅ Shoes with good insulation or ones that cover your ankles
  • ✅ Clothes made with materials like linen or cotton which will allow air to circulate better than synthetic fabrics
  • ✅ Wide-brimmed hats and long-sleeved shirts for sun protection
  • ✅ Comfortable shoes or sandals in case of waterlogged areas around the salt flats
  • ✅ Bathing suit and anti-fog goggles if planning on swimming in any of the lagoons.
  • ✅ 1 extra swimsuit if you want to relax in the Hot Springs- Sol de mañana (Optional)
  • ✅ 1 extra towel for the Hot Spring (Optional)
  • ✅ A sturdy backpack or knapsack with plenty of storage
  • ✅ Portable water containers and purification tablets
  • ✅ Sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sun in the desert terrain
  • ✅ Insect repellent if there are signs of mosquitos or other insects in the area
  • ✅ A blanket for extra warmth in case of cold desert nights
  • ✅ A first aid kit and any necessary personal medications
  • ✅ Cameras, chargers, extra cables, powerbank

Finally, although it’s not essential equipment, it’s always nice to have something comfortable like a yoga mat or cushion – these will come in handy if you plan on taking some time out during your visit just to admire the scenery around you or perhaps do some stargazing into one of South America’s famously dark night skies!

Uyuni Salt Flat is truly one of South America’s most impressive natural wonders, but make sure that when visiting this unique place, you come prepared with all the necessary items for making your journey as comfortable and memorable as possible. With proper planning and preparation coupled with ample supplies for hydration and protection against harsh elements; visitors can look forward to an unforgettable experience full of adventure!

Friendly Reminder…

In many tours, they don’t allow you to bring your large suitcase. Therefore, we recommend you to bring a backpack with the most important items. Most tourists returning from Uyuni after completing their 3 or 4 day tour, leave their big suitcases in a locker at a hotel in Uyuni or at the office of their tour operator to pick it up again at the end of the tour.

People going to San Pedro de Atacama are required to bring their suitcases with them, but they need to coordinate this in advance with their tour operator.

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