Discover the Natural Wonders of Sajama National Park, Bolivia

Explore the Spectacular  Sajama National Park, Bolivia

Sajama National Park,  it is one of Bolivia’s most iconic national parks as well as its largest, and the older too. Located within the western Andes mountain range.  With soaring snow-covered peaks and untouched landscapes, this is a paradise for adventurers.

Discover the Sacred Mountain of Nevado Sajama in Sajama National Park

At the center of Sajama National Park is Nevado Sajama. Its the highest peak in the entire Bolivia! It’s considered sacred by many indigenous Aymara people who have lived in its shadow for centuries. The summit can also be climbed and summited by experienced climbers with proper safety equipment and permits.

nevado sajama in sajama national park bolivia
Bliss in this place w/ Peter

Uncover a Variety of Flora and Fauna in Bolivia’s Largest National Park

As you ascend higher up into the mountains, cacti give way to dense stands of gnarled trees like queñoa, arrayán, aliso negro, lenga and nothofagus antarctica — species only found here in South America’s highest regions. In addition to these amazing trees, wildlife enthusiasts will be delighted to find more than 50 species living within Sajama National Park including condors, llamas and vicunas — wild varieties of domestic alpaca related animals that roam freely across its landscapes.

sajama national park bolivia
Incredible views w/ Roberto Ilaya

Experience Natural Healing Through Hot Springs

Not surprisingly, Sajama National Park boasts some incredible hot springs scattered throughout its territories where visitors can soak away their aches and pains after a long day outdoors exploring or climbing nearby peaks or glaciers.

Many locals consider these hot springs to have healing properties that can help cure ailments such as joint pain or headaches due to their high mineral content from sulfuric compounds derived from volcanic activity beneath the earth’s surface below them.

Marvel at Magnificent Views of Vast Valleys From High Peaks

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For people that are in love with adventure and they are looking for something special and different in South America. Sajama National Park should definitely be included on their list when planning out their next great journey.

With its unique environments ranging from desert-like conditions at lower altitudes all the way up to snow-covered peaks with icy glaciers located near Bolivia’s highest mountain peak; this is an unforgettable experience!

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