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The Cordillera Huayhuash is among the most beautiful mountain chains in the world. Located in the Peruvian Andes and measuring a mere 30km in length; this mountain range is an incredible compact cluster of enormous icy towers surrounded by cascading rivers, turquoise lakes, and with a great diversity of flora and fauna. On her last trip in Peru, Cath gave herself the mission to create an exclusive itinerary for landscape photographers looking to capture remote and lesser known areas of the Peruvian Andes. With the help of our team, she was able to experience and create a trip designed to access the best viewpoints of the trek at sunrise, sunset, or night.


This is the only photography workshop on the market that offers such incredible and exclusive photography opportunities on the Huayhuash. On top of helping you achieve great shots, Cath will teach you all her shooting and post-processing secrets. Be sure to come back home with epic shots and great memories.

Workshop Dates


June 11th - 23rd, 2022

Reserve your spot in the photography workshop by placing a 25% deposit. Spaces are limited so early booking is highly recommended.

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Catherine Simard Photography Workshop

13 Day
Tour Type:
Photography Workshop
Group size:
6 Max

$ 1,090.70

Departure Date:
  • June 11, 2022

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Huayhuash, Huaraz, Peru

Arrive to Lima / Bus to Huaraz


Arrive to Lima by 7:30pm on July 11th.We will have taxi transfers arranged to take you to the bus station after you land to meet the rest of the group. If you land early we will arrange a transfer from your hotel. Depending on everyones flight arrival time, we can all have a group dinner before taking the overnight bus to Huaraz.

Free Day to Acclimate


We arrive to Huaraz early morning and are transferred to our hotel (Selina). We can rest and freshen up before meeting for lunch. The rest of the day can be spent exploring the town.

Pastoruri Glacier Tour


Today we wake up early and depart towards Pastoruri glacier to help in the acclimatizing process. We will hike for about 2hrs (roundtrip) to arrive before sunrise and get the best lighting. Return to Huaraz by 1pm.

Huayhuash Day 1


Duration: Full Day- 3:30am- 4:00pm
Distance: 6hr transfer and 6hr hiking
Difficulty: Moderate


In order to keep our locations exclusive to our group, we will not be revealing exact locations and passes. Our first day is officially underway! We arrive to the trailhead and made our way towards first nights camp. Here we can practice astro shooting and set the pace for the next few days.

Huayhuash Day 2


Duration: Full Day 3:30am- 2:00pm
Distance: 10hr hiking (entire day spread out)
Difficulty: Difficult


Early wake up to hike up to a mirador to catch our first sunrise! We continue to our first pass of the day and continue towards camp. We will arrive to camp by 3pm depending on if we want to shoot a long the way.There are plenty of glacial lagoons that will catch your eye!

Huayhuash Day 3


Duration: Rest Day Camp
Distance: 30min hiking (optional sunrise from camp)
Difficulty: Easy


We will wake up early for some a night photography session before sunrise. Sunrise from camp. Fun day getting to know each other and relax. Cath will be teaching ‘yoga’ - or attempting to at least! Afternoon nap to prepare for the night hike.

Huayhuash Day 4


Duration: 12am - 3pm
Distance: 13hr hiking (entire day spread out)
Difficulty: Difficult


Early wake up call to arrive to the viewpoint of the three lagoons. One of the most exciting days! Here we will do astro photography before waiting for the sunrise over the lagoons. After sunrise we make our way towards our second pass and continue towards camp.

Huayhuash Day 5


Duration: Full Day- 6:00am- 2:00pm
Distance: 7hr hiking (entire day spread out)
Difficulty: Moderate


Wake up at 6am and we make our way towards the highest pass of the trek. At the pass we have time to shoot and enjoy some snacks before continuing to camp for lunch. Relaxing afternoon and shooting at a beautiful river nearby our camp for sunset.

Huayhuash Day 6


Duration: Full Day- 2:00am- 9:00am
Distance: 6hr hiking (entire day spread out)
Difficulty: Difficult


Today we hike up the steepest trail on the trek. We arrive to the overlook and get in position to shoot sunrise. Followed by descending down to camp to enjoy a relaxed afternoon. Option hikes include hike to nearby waterfall and lagoons. Sunset shoot above campsite across lagoons.

Huayhuash Day 7


Duration: Full Day- 4:30am- 1:00pm
Distance: 6hr hiking (entire day spread out)
Difficulty: Easy


Sunrise hike up to mirador to get views of 2 lagoons. Return to camp. Enjoy a delicious breakfast and continue to a beautiful small village where we will be staying in a guesthouse with access to showers. Afternoon shoot in the village where we will practice portrait photography.

Transfer to Huaraz


Duration: Full Day- 8:00am- 2:00pm
Distance: 6hr transfer back to Huaraz
Difficulty: Easy


We take a private transfer from the small town returning back to Huaraz. Arriving by 2pm we have some free time to relax at the Selina hotel.

Editing Day / Overnight Bus to Lima


Full day of editing where Cath will give you editing lectures and help you out with your own photos. In the evening we have an overnight bus to Lima.

Transfer to Airport or Hotel/Depart


Arrive to Lima by 6am. We will have transport arranged to transfer you to the airport or your hotel.


This photography workshop is for people who’d like to bring their photography to the next level but also to push themselves physically. During the whole trek, we will stay between 4000/5000 meters and will walk between 10-20 kilometers per day with at least 500 meters of elevation gain. A physical preparation is required to participate to this workshop. Don’t hesitate to contact us or Cath if you are unsure of being fit enough for this trip.

What You Will Learn

  • Composite, Landscape and night photography 
  • Finding composition, Panoramas, Long exposure, Night photography, Focus stacking, Focal Length Blending
  • Knowing your gear and developing a consistent workflow in the field
  • Travel and lifestyle photography : telling a story, composing your shots, interacting with your subject
  • Drone photography
  • Post-processing

Photography Equipment

  • 1 Camera Body + 1 Back Up Camera Body
  • 1-3 Lenses: Wide Angle, Zoom lens. The lens I used the most on the Huayhuash is the 16 - 35 f2.8. I recommend the 16 - 35 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8 and the 100 - 400.
  • Cloths for Drying Camera Gears
  • Dust Cleaning Kits
  • Lens Cleaning Cloths
  • Rain/Dust Covers for Cameras and Lenses
  • High Quality Polarizing Filter
  • Cable Release
  • Spare Fully Charged Batteries (4-6)
  • Additional Formatted SD Cards
  • Drone with 2-3 Spare Batteries

Things To Do Before You Leave

  • Check for Peru Visas (If Needed, Visit South America Can Help)
  • Ensure Your Travel Insurance Covers Hiking Up to 900, Above Seal Level and International Helicopter Evacuation
  • Make Sure You Have Completed, Signed, and Returned The Waiver Via Email Before Departure
  • If Needed, Make the Updates for Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop

Included Activities

  • 8 Day Photography Workshop Led by Catherine Simard
  • English Guide + Assistant
  • Private Cook
  • Mule Man + Porters to Carry Extra Gear
  • 6 Nights Camping (All Gear Included: Sleeping Bags, Matts, Tents, Duffle Bags) (Single Supplement Available)
  • 1 Night Guest House
  • 3 Nights Hotel Stay (Selina Hotel) in Twin Room Accommodations (Single Supplement Available)
  • All Meals on 8 Day Huayhuash Trek Except Breakfast Day 1 and Lunch / Dinner Day 8
  • 2 Overnight VIP buses (160 reclineable seats, wifi, individual tv screen, pillow, blanket)
  • Private Transfers to and from Aiports, Hotels, and Tours (Hotel Pick Up/ Airport Pick Up)