Inca Trail 5 Days Hike
Inca Trail 5 Days Hike
Inca Trail 5 Days Hike
Inca Trail 5 Days Hike
Inca Trail 5 Days HikeInca Trail 5 Days HikeInca Trail 5 Days HikeInca Trail 5 Days Hike

Inca Trail 5 Days Hike

Cusco - Cusco

Embrace the charm of the slow lane with our 5-day Inca Trail journey! The perfect blend of thrilling adventure and unhurried exploration, this unique trek is designed for those who crave a gentler pace, yet refuse to skimp on excitement.


Our trail welcomes you to drink in the incredible views, feel the history beneath your feet, and truly connect with the ancient heritage of the Inca. Relish the unique experience of soaking up the mystery of the Inca civilization at a relaxed pace. Join us today!


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Tour Details

  • Duration5 Day
  • Type TripTrekking
  • Group SizeMax 8 people
  • LanguagesEng, Esp,
  • SeasonYear Around (February Closed)
  • DifficultyModerate


Why us

  • Reliable tour operator, certified guides, and drivers. Guaranteed Quality!
  • Personalized assistance before, during, and after the trip
  • Explore the hidden spots to take that epic photos.


    Travel Route


    Day 1: Cusco/Ollantaytambo/ Hatunchaca /Chamana

    Day 2: Chamana/ Wayllabamba/ Llulluchapampa

    Day 3: Llullucpampa/ Runkurakay/ Sayacmaraca Ruins/ Phuyupatamarca Ruins

    Day 4: Phuyupatamarca/ Wiñay Wayna/ Sun Gate/Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes

    Day 5: Machu Picchu/Cusco

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    Technical Details

    Starts at: Cusco
    Ends in: Cusco
    Name: 5 Day Inca Trail
    Total Hiking: 42 km/26.098 miles
    Altitude: highest point 5000m (16.440 ft) / lowest point 3600m (11.800 ft)

    Tour Destinations

    Sayacmaraca Ruins
    Phuyupatamarca Ruins
    Wiñay Wayna
    Sun Gate
    Machu Picchu
    Aguas Calientes
    Machu Picchu


    Day 1 Cusco/Ollantaytambo/ Hatunchaca /Chamana

    Depart from your hotel at 7am in private transportation and stop in Ollantaytambo to explore the town. After a 40 minute drive, arrive at the Trailhead- located 3 hours from Cusco city. Reach the checkpoint 2 hours after the 4 day hike groups have left, with entrance permits validated. Cross the suspension bridge and hike along the Urubamba River for a few hours, stopping for lunch at Mesqay before continuing to Patallacta for an explanation of great views above the river. Arrive at Hatunchaca or Chamana campsite for the night, with very few people compared to those sleeping in Huayllabamba and Ayapata campsites from the 4 day group.

    Meals Included: 1 Breakfasts, 1 lunches, 1 dinners, 1 snacks

    Day 2 Chamana/ Wayllabamba/ Llulluchapampa

    A bell or knock will wake up early for breakfast and begin hiking the almost flat trail to Huayllabamba. (the last settlement on the Inca Trail).  Along the way, there are private toilets and small shops to buy snacks and water. After passing through town, hike up to Ayapata resting point where snow-capped mountains and cloud forests provide an alluring view. The path ahead is surrounded by vegetation, making it increasingly difficult as it gets higher. Keep going until Llulluchapampa campsite, where you’ll find beautiful grassy areas with amazing views and likely see Andean deer or llamas that come to greet you.

    Meals Included: 1 Breakfasts, 1 lunches, 1 dinners, 1 snacks

    Day 3 Llullucpampa/ Runkurakay/ Sayacmaraca Ruins/ Phuyupatamarca Ruins

    Start the day with a delicious breakfast and hike to Abra Warmiwañusqa, also known as Dead Woman’s Pass – the highest mountain saddle in the route. Reach the summit in 1.5 hours and descend another two hours to Pacaymayo campground for lunch. Enjoy picturesque views of snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, waterfalls and endemic birds with very few people around. After lunch, continue on the Inca Trail towards the second pass. Take a break at Runcu Raqay before reaching the peak for spectacular views of pristine landscapes in nature.

    Start the descent down to Sayac Marca Inca Complex, entering the jungle eyelash as vegetations start surrounding the path. Enjoy a guided tour at Sayaq Marca, then continue hiking for three more hours through a flat and an incline path to Phuyu Pata Marca. Observe the sunset and see Machu Picchu mountain and Urubamba River down in the Valley, then retire early after dinner for a spectacular sunrise observation the next morning.

    Meals Included: 1 Breakfasts, 1 lunches, 1 dinners, 1 snacks

    Day 4 Phuyupatamarca/ Wiñay Wayna/ Sun Gate/Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes

    Start the day at the Phuyu Pata Marca Inca site and descend down long descending stone steps to Wiñay Wayna, one of the largest Inca sites outside of Machu Picchu. Admire intricate architectural development in housing structures on upper levels connected by a long staircase, and marvel at terraces that offer amazing views of the Urubamba river. Visit a once important agricultural area for Machu Picchu. End with lunchtime at the campsite just by the Inca site.

    Make a ceremony for the Inca trail porters and cook, express tips or gratitude if desired, then say goodbye to the crew team. Continue the hike to the Sun gate through a leveled Inca path for about 1 hour 30. Reach the magical sun gate overlooking Machu Picchu, take pictures of it as the sun sets down, and finish by taking the shuttle bus down to Aguas Calientes town overnight.

    Meals Included: 1 Breakfasts, 1 lunches, 1 dinners, 1 snacks

    Day 5 Machu Picchu/Cusco

    Wake up early and board one of the first buses to Machu Picchu before the crowds arrive. Everyone will make a line with permits in hand. Enjoy a guided tour of the must-see places for 2 hours and explore Machu Picchu at your own pace. If you have purchased permits for Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain, then our guide will show you the trailhead and provide advice on how to return to take the bus back to Agua Caliente. At the end of the day, catch the train back to Ollantaytambo where an AB expeditions representative will take you in a car drive back to your hotel in Cusco. Lunch is not included for this day in Aguas Calientes.

    Meals Included: 1 Breakfasts.

    What’s included

    • A personal porter to carry your 7 kg of your personal belongings.
    • Pick up and drop off in your hotel.
    • Private Transport Cusco - Km 82 (the starting point of the walk).
    • English guide with conduct radio communication.
    • Foam mattresses.
    • Professional chef
    • Kitchen equipment.
    • Dining tent with chairs and tables.
    • Portable environmental biodegradable toilet (The Pett).
    • Meal Included. With option for vegetarians, gluten free, Intolerance and any food allergy.
    • 4 season Tents for two people (tent with capacity for 3 people used as doubles - Kayla Doite).
    • Porter service.
    • Inca trail Permits and Machu Picchu ticket.
    • Bus ticket from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes on day 04.
    • Round trip bus ticket on day 05 from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu and viceversa.
    • Expeditions train ticket back (14:55 Hrs.) To Ollantaytambo.
    • Private transportation from Ollantaytambo train station to Cusco.
    • Emergency oxygen bottle and first aid kit.
    • Hotel of 3 stars in Aguas Calientes town( Tara Machu Picchu or similar)
    • Pre-departure Inca Trail briefing, presented by the tour guides at 6:00 pm at the office a day before.
    • Wake-up tea before breakfast.
    • A duffle bag.
    • Hot water bins each day.
    • Rain Poncho to cover from the rain.
    • Guided tour in Machu Picchu
    • Boiled water to fill in your water bottles.
    • Day pack cover to keep you dry your belongings.
    • Lunch - Day 5.
    • Entrance to the hot springs in the town of Aguas Calientes (US $ 5).

    Not suitable for

    • Pregnant women
    • People with heart problems

    What to Bring

    • Passport and student cards (if you are students.)
    • Backpack (21 liters capacity).
    • Hiking Poles. (You can bring your own or rent with us).
    • Trekking Clothing
    • Bring with you a clean set of clothes to wear after the trekking.
    • Bring along swimwear and towels if you decide to visit the hot springs in Aguas Calientes.
    • Personal Hygiene items
    • Medicine: If you are taking any medications, please bring them with you. It is also recommended to bring some over the counter medicine for the altitude sickness (Coramina, Aspirina, Diamox, Sorojchi, Acetazolamide).
    • Bring Anti Blister Gel to avoid getting blisters on your feet and being unable to continue on your trek.
    • Digital Camera with an external memory (2-4 Gb) (Optional).
    • Sunglasses with UV protection.
    • Sun Block SPF 60 (UVA-UVB) waterproof and sport.
    • Insect Repellent lotion, not spray.
    • Swiss Army Knife.
    • Water bottle.

    Important information

    Looking for more inspiration? Visit our gallery: Experience Peru. Before taking our 5-day Inca trail tour you should take into count the following information:


    Is it possible to store my luggage at your office?

    Absolutely! When hiking the five day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, your luggage can be safely stored at our office or at your hotel - whichever is more convenient for you. Be sure to only bring what you need during the five day journey. #IncaTrail #MachuPicchu

    Is it possible to modify the departure date after obtaining Inca Trail permits?

    Unfortunately, it is not an option to change the date of departure once Inca Trail 5-day permits have been purchased. According to government regulations, Inca Trail permits are non-transferable and nonrefundable. The only information that can be modified is the passport number.

    Is it necessary to bring the original passport when taking part in the five day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu?

    It is absolutely essential to carry your original passport with you on the five day Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. The same passport which you used to request your permit must be presented at three Inca trail checkpoints, Machu Picchu, and when boarding the train.

    How can I update the passport numbers associated with my trip to Machu Picchu?

    If you are renewing your passport, we kindly ask that you send us a copy of your old passport to book any Inca Trail 5 Day permits. In the event that you no longer have your old passport, any official government-issued ID with the same name will be accepted. Once you receive your new passport, please email us a copy of this document as soon as possible in order to update the information on your permit.

    When is my train ticket scheduled to depart?

    Train availability can vary, but typically we book a return train ticket for 02:55 PM on Day 5. This way, you'll arrive in Cusco at 06:30 PM, giving you plenty of time to do any tours the next day, such as the Rainbow Mountains.

    Is it possible to stay in the Sacred Valley for my Inca Trail 5 Days experience?

    Yes, it is possible to stay in either Urubamba or Ollantaytambo. By choosing the Sacred Valley for your accommodation, you will experience an extra hour of sleep before being picked up, compared to a pickup from Cusco.

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    Where you will be

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