How to get Uyuni from Santa Cruz in 2022 (updated every week)

The best ways to get to Uyuni from San Pedro de Atacama! 2022 updated information on how to get to Uyuni from Santa Cruz. We verify the pros/cons traveling by bus, plane and mix with times and budgets.

By plane: You have 1 flight with a stopover in the city of Cochabamba, a flight of 3 hours in total operated by Boliviana de Aviación, you only have flights every 3 days and the quotas are very limited since they are the same ones that are shared with passengers from peace; Ticket prices range from $155 to $215, however, they can increase in high season. The flights arrive at 10:30 am, the perfect time to start your tour in the Salar de Uyuni without any problem.

From Santa Cruz to Uyuni via Oruro: Perhaps the best option in terms of speed and budget, the flights leave in the morning and arrive from 11:30 am to 4 pm, there is only one direct flight and the rest are flights that have stopovers, the prices range from $55 to $100, once you arrive at the Oruro airport, you will have to take a taxi to the old bus terminal and then take a public transport service or rent a private car to go from Oruro to Uyuni ( 3.5 hours) where prices per person are 70Bs ($11) to renting a private minivan which will charge you $55. This option does not matter what time you arrive in Uyuni, it will be necessary to spend the night in Uyuni so that you can start your tour the next day.

From Santa Cruz to Uyuni via Sucre: If you want to enjoy an extra day exploring, this option will be interesting for you, in addition to being an economical option, you can take advantage of visiting the white city of Sucre. First, you must take a flight from Santa Cruz to Sucre, you can find prices from 40$ to 55$, there are direct flights of only 45min., once you arrive at the airport, the taxis to the city center will charge you about 150Bs. (22$), you will have time to visit the white city, take a walking tour, and visit the most important attractions of the place: The Main Square, Mirador San Felipe de Neri, Recoleta, and impressive colonial viewpoints. At the end of the day you can go through the Sucre bus terminal, where you will find the following 2 options:

Book your flights here: Boliviana de Aviación

Book your bus tickets here: Tickets Bolivia

My name is @jeffrysoria, in 10 years working in tourism in Bolivia I have experienced all the problems that a tourist or explorer-like you may have, the absence of good information on the internet or the little that is not updated is really a big stone in the shoe for everyone, that is why I have taken the time to travel through 2022 (April and many years) and write this lines where you will able to resolve all the problems you may have by separately and choose only what you need.

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