Inca Trail 2 Days Hike: With Camping
Inca Trail 2 Days Hike: With Camping
Inca Trail 2 Days Hike: With Camping
Inca Trail 2 Days Hike: With Camping
Inca Trail 2 Days Hike: With CampingInca Trail 2 Days Hike: With CampingInca Trail 2 Days Hike: With CampingInca Trail 2 Days Hike: With Camping

Inca Trail 2 Days Hike: With Camping

Cusco - Cusco

Pack your bags and prepare for an incredible journey: our Inca Trail 2 days!  Take six hours hiking along the renowned Inca Trail and make your way over hills and valleys, eventually reaching Winaywayna where you’ll stop to enjoy a delectable box lunch. Head a little bit further on to Intipunku (the Sun Gate)  from where you’ll be able to admire Machu Picchu from a distance.  Make your way down to the exclusive private campsite before settling in for some rest in preparation for an early start for day two. Enjoy majestic views as the sun rises over Machu Picchu and uncover mysteries that have been kept secret for centuries. This is truly an unforgettable experience!


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Tour Details

  • Duration2 Days
  • Type TripHiking/Trekking
  • Group SizeSmall groups of 2 to 8 people máximum.
  • LanguagesEng, Esp,
  • SeasonYear around
  • DifficultyDifficult


Why us

  • Reliable tour operator, certified guides, and drivers. Guaranteed Quality!
  • Stay in a medium range Hotels + Refugee (private rooms w/ bathrooms)
  • Free pick up (bus station, airport) + buffet breakfast included arriving
  • Personalized assistance before, during, and after the trip
  • Continue your adventure in San Pedro de Atacama (+20$)
  • Explore the hidden spots to take that epic photos.


    Travel Route

    Day 1: Day 1: Cusco/Ollantaytambo/kilometer 104/Wiñay Wayna/Machu Picchu/ Puente de Ruinas

    Day 2: Machu Picchu/ Cusco

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    Technical Details

    Starts at: Cusco
    Ends in: Cusco
    Name: Inca Trail 2 Day Hike
    Total Hiking: 12 km/7.4 miles
    Altitude: highest point 5000m (16.440 ft) / lowest point 3600m (11.800 ft)


    Tour Destinations

    Wiñay Wayna
    Machu Picchu
    Puente de Ruinas
    Machu Picchu


    Day 1 Cusco/Ollantaytambo/kilometer 104/Wiñay Wayna/Machu Picchu/ Puente de Ruinas

    Start your journey at 04:00am when we pick you up from Cusco. Drive for about an hour and a half until reaching Ollantaytambo, where you will board the train till kilometer 104 (the starting point of your hike). Disembark and meet our friendly chef and porters who will serve you a tasty breakfast before you set off.

    Get ready for an incredible journey and 10km trek along one of the most beautiful and historic stretches of the Classic Inca Trail. Explore a wide array of flora and fauna and even get lucky enough to spot some larger mammals like Viscachas (rabbit-like Chinchillas) and Spectacled Bears! Starting at Chachabama ruins, work your way up a paved Inca trail to Winay Wayna before finishing off your epic adventure at Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate (Inti Punku).

    After a full days hike and reach the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) in the afternoon. Enjoy magnificent views of Machu Picchu, and with fewer tourists around it’s sure to be an ideal time to capture stunning images. After passing through the Sun Gate, keep hiking for about 45 minutes until you reach Machu Picchu and then we will catch a bus for 20 minutes until our campsite at Puente Ruinas. Finish off this amazing journey with dinner and a night spent in your tent.


    Meals Included: 1 Breakfasts, 1 Boxlunch, 1 dinner, 1 snack

    Day 2 Machu Picchu/ Cusco

    Start the second day with a 20-minute walk to the bus station, where you will take the early morning bus to Machu Picchu and experience the sunrise over the ruins.

    Your tour guide will lead you to the best spot for capturing amazing photos. They will spend approximately two hours giving insight into its highlights. Then, enjoy some free time exploring.  Finally, return to Aguas Calientes via train and then bus back to Cusco for transfer back to your hotel.

    Meals Included: Breakfast

    What’s included

    • A personal porter to carry your 7 kg of your personal belongings
    • Pick up and drop off in your hotel.
    • Trail ticket of 06:10 am from Ollantaytambo to km 104 (the starting point of the walk).
    • English speaking guide with conduct radio communication.
    • Foam mattresses.
    • Professional chef
    • Kitchen equipment.
    • Dining tent with chairs and tables.
    • Portable environmental biodegradable toilet (The Pett).
    • Meal service at the campsites (2 breakfasts, 1 lunches, 1 dinners, 1 snacks). With option for vegetarians, gluten free, lactose Intolerance and any food allergy.
    • 4 season Tents for two people (tent with capacity for 3 people used as doubles - Kayla Doite).
    • Porter service.
    • Inca trail Permits and Machu Picchu ticket.
    • Bus ticket from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes on day 01.
    • Round trip bus ticket from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu and viceversa on day 02.
    • Satelital phone.
    • Return Expeditions train ticket back (14:55 Hrs.) To Ollantaytambo.
    • Private transportation from Ollantaytambo train station to Cusco.
    • Emergency oxygen bottle and first aid kit.
    • Pre-departure Inca Trail briefing, presented by the tour guides at 6:00 pm at the office a day before.
    • Wake-up tea. Hot herbal tea brought to your ten ton second day.
    • A duffle bag, where you put your 7 kg / 14 pounds of personal items per person.
    • We provide hot water bins to help our clients clean and feel good at night.
    • Rain Poncho to cover from the rain.
    • Two hour guided tour in Machu Picchu
    • Boiled water to fill in your water bottles or Camelback (your chef will provide clean water after each meal)
    • Day pack cover to keep you dry your belongings.
    • VistaDome Train Upgrade: $50
    • Sleeping Bag: $5 per day
    • Walking Sticks: $5 per day
    • Lunch - Day 2.
    • Tips (optional)

    Not suitable for

    • Pregnant women
    • People with heart problems

    What to Bring

    • Original Passport and student cards (if you are students)
    • A Backpack (21 liters capacity).
    • Hiking Poles with rubber tips. You can bring your own or rent.
    • Trekking Clothing.
    • Night in Aguas Calientes: Please bring with you a clean set of clothes to wear after the trekking. Also, you can bring along swimwear and towels if you decide to visit the hot springs in Aguas Calientes.
    • Personal Hygiene items: toothpaste. toothbrush, and wet wipes.
    • Medicine: If you are taking any medications, please bring them with you. It is also recommended to bring some over the counter medicine for the altitude sickness (Coramina, Aspirina, Diamox, Sorojchi, Acetazolamide). It is also suggested to bring Anti Blister Gel to avoid getting blisters on your feet and being unable to continue on your trek.
    • Digital Camera with an external memory (2-4 Gb) (Optional).
    • Sunglasses with UV protection.
    • Sun Block SPF 60 (UVA-UVB) waterproof and sport.
    • Waterproof Insect Repellent lotion, not spray.
    • Swiss Army Knife.
    • Water bottle

    Important information

    Looking for more inspiration? Visit our gallery: Experience Peru. Before taking our 2 day inca trail Tour with camping you should take into count the following information:

    Is it possible to store my luggage at your office?

    Absolutely! When hiking the five day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, your luggage can be safely stored at our office or at your hotel - whichever is more convenient for you. Be sure to only bring what you need during the five day journey.

    Is it possible to modify the departure date after obtaining Inca Trail permits?

    Unfortunately, it is not an option to change the date of departure once Inca Trail 2days hike permits have been purchased. According to government regulations, Inca Trail permits are non-transferable and nonrefundable. The only information that can be modified is the passport number.

    Is it necessary to bring the original passport when taking part in the five day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu?

    It is absolutely essential to carry your original passport with you on the two days Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. The same passport which you used to request your permit must be presented at three Inca trail checkpoints, Machu Picchu, and when boarding the train.

    How can I update the passport numbers associated with my trip to Machu Picchu?

    If you are renewing your passport, we kindly ask that you send us a copy of your old passport to book any Inca Trail 2 Days permits. In the event that you no longer have your old passport, any official government-issued ID with the same name will be accepted. Once you receive your new passport, please email us a copy of this document as soon as possible in order to update the information on your permit.

    When is my train ticket scheduled to depart?

    We typically book the 06:10 am train schedule from Ollantaytambo to Kilometer 104 on day 1, with a return journey of 02:55 pm, so you will arrive back in Cusco at 06:30 pm. This allows for sufficient time to rest and enjoy any subsequent activities such as visiting Palcoyo Mountain the following day.

    Is it possible to stay in the Sacred Valley for my Inca Trail 2 Days experience?

    Unfortunately, it is not an option because the tour starts in Cusco.

    Is the Inca Trail 2 days with camping difficult?

    This hike is classified as moderate-difficult, it’s recommended to be in good physical condition.

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    Where you will be

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