2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay
2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay
2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay
2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay
2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay

2 day Salkantay Tour: Including Humantay

Cusco - Cusco

Take a journey to the awe-inspiring Humantay Lake and Salkantay with pour Salkantay tours. Marvel at the magnificent views of snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, and lush forests as you ascend to Salkantay Mountain’s 4600m peak. Upon reaching Humantay Lake, be enchanted by its deep blue waters and stunning surroundings before descending back down to your cozy accommodation. With breathtaking landscapes and thrilling hikes around every corner, this is an adventure that you won’t soon forget!


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Tour Details

  • Duration2 Days
  • Type TripTrekking
  • Group SizeMax 12 people
  • LanguagesEng, Esp,
  • SeasonYear around
  • DifficultyHard


Why us

  • Reliable tour operator, certified guides, and drivers. Guaranteed Quality!
  • Personalized assistance before, during, and after the trip
  • Explore the hidden spots to take that epic photos.


    Travel Route

    Day 1: Cusco/ Challacancha/ Soraypampa/ Humantay Lake/ Sky Camp

    Day 2: Sky Camp/ Salkantaypampa/ Salkantay Pass/ Soyrococha/ Soraypampa/ Cusco

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    Technical Details

    Starts at: Pick up from your hotel in Cusco City.
    Ends in: Drop off to your hotel in Cusco City.
    Name: 2 day Salkantay Tour + Humantay
    Total Hiking: 14km/ 8.70 mi.
    Altitude: 4630m/ 15,190ft.


    Tour Destinations

    Humantay Lake
    Sky Camp
    Salkantay Pass


    Day 1 Cusco/ Challacancha/ Soraypampa/ Humantay Lake/ Sky Camp

    Start the day early as your tour guide and driver pick you up from your accommodation in Cusco. The first stop is Mollepata to enjoy a nutritious breakfast before heading to Challacancha for a short rest. From there, lace up your hiking boots and embark on a thrilling journey towards Soraypampa – the site of our camp. This stretch isn’t too challenging, and allows time for you to take in the stunning views of the Andean scenery as you follow a small Incan canal.

    Once we reach our destination, Sky Camp, located at the majestic Salkantay and Humantay Mountains . You’ll be welcomed with an exquisite lunch. Take some time to relax in one of the cozy igloos or wander around the area before preparing for an afternoon hike.

    We will then begin our uphill climb to Humantay Lake (4,200m/13,780ft). Go slow due to the altitude and you will soon be rewarded with truly breathtaking views of its jewel-like blue waters amongst snow-capped mountains. After taking it all in, make your way back down to Sky Camp for dinner and star-gazing under clear night skies full of constellations!

    Meals Included: 1 Breakfast, 1 lunch & 1 Dinner

    Day 2 Sky Camp/ Salkantaypampa/ Salkantay Pass/ Soyrococha/ Soraypampa/ Cusco

    Get ready for an epic journey! Today marks the start of a grand adventure as you reach the highest point of your trip with spectacular landscapes bordered by an impressive mountain range. Enjoy a filling, nutritious breakfast before gradually ascending to Salkantaypampa and traversing the challenging “Trail of the 7 Snakes” as you reach the breathtaking Salkantay Pass (4,630m/15,190ft).

    Take some time here to admire the stunning views before passing through unique stony scenery and descending to our lunch spot in Soyrococha. After refueling with a delicious lunch, continue your descent towards Soraypampa where you’ll have picturesque views of a snow-covered forest of stones.

    Sky Camp will be your final destination for the day, where you can enjoy one last rest before boarding transport for the 30 minute journey back to Cusco. Along this last stretch, there’s plenty of opportunities for taking great photos and capturing memories for years to come! Finally, be dropped off at your accommodation for some well-deserved rest.

    Meals Included: 1 Breakfast, 1 lunch

    What’s included

    • Informative meeting
    • English and spanish tour guide.
    • Private Camping Equipment
    • Sleeping bag
    • Trekking Poles (pair)
    • Medical Kit or First AID Kit
    • Rain poncho for your visit to Humantay Lake, Salkantay Pass, and Rainbow Mountain.
    • Customer Service 24/7
    • Trekking leading up to your trek.
    • High Quality Service & Safety Our Sky Camp.
    • Meals Included
    • Water on the trail
    • We’ll provide you boiled, filtered, and cooled water during your hike. For this, you need to bring a camel bag or an empty bole (we recommend a capacity of 2 liters). You’ll be able to fill your boles during each meal.
    • Wake up tea
    • You'll be woken up with a cup of hot coca tea.
    • Tea Time or Happy Hour
    • One cloth snack bag per person
    • Products for hygiene
    • Private Transport
    • Entrance to the Salkantay Sanctuary
    • Duffle Bag
    • Day 2 Dinner
    • Horse from Soraypampa to Humantay Lake nor Salkantay Pass (oponal)
    • Hiking Clothes & Gear
    • Travel Insurance
    • Tips for our staff (Tipping is the norm on any excursion in Peru. Although we pay good salaries to our entire team, something extra is always welcome, especially considering the hard work they do)
    • Additional costs or delays beyond our control.

    Not suitable for

    • Pregnant women
    • People with heart problems
    • People with extreme allergies to dust

    What to Bring

    • Daypack or small backpack for carrying essential items such as water bottles, snacks, sunscreen etc.
    • Comfortable shoes with good grip and ankle support. Several pairs of hiking socks are also recommended.
    • Sun hat/cap and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. A waterproof cover for your backpack can be handy too.
    • Necessary toiletries and personal items along with a first aid kit should also be packed.

    Important information

    Looking for more inspiration? Visit our gallery: Experience Peru. Before taking our 2-day Salkantay Tour you should take into count the following information:

    Is it for me the Salkantay Trek?

    Perfect for those who are seeking a more daring adventure while scaling higher altitudes and enduring longer distances! Your journey includes the challenge of conquering the famous Salkantay Pass (4,630 m / 15,190 ), an ascent that is not too strenuous or daunting in spite of its grand elevation.

    How many days do I need to acclimate in Cusco before the Salkantay Trek?

    Its recommended take a two or three day prior to embarking on your journey to acclimatize and adjust your body to the altitude of Cusco, Peru. This will help you avoid any potential issues with altitude sickness during your life-changing trek! Even if you have already been in another area of Peru at a high altitude, we still suggest having one day or two in Cusco for rest, recuperation from travels, and to take in the sights and sounds of this ancient city before setting off on your adventure.

    Informative meeting for getting ready to go to Salkantay´s Trek

    Held in our main office (or your hotel) at 5:00 pm the day before your tour begins, this meeting will last approximately 30-45 minutes and will provide you with helpful insight into the terrain, geography, and altitude you'll encounter. If you're unable to attend, please reach out to us via email, phone or in person.

    Can I store my luggage during the trek in your office?

    We offer a storage service at our main office in Cusco, making it easy and convenient for you to keep your belongings safe while you're out on the trail.

    Pick up of guests

    Our pick-up service can come to your hotel in the Historical Center of Cusco on the day of your trek. Your guide will coordinate the pickup time during your brief meeting, but please note that it could take between 30 and 45 minutes due to traffic. As Cusco is made up of many narrow cobbled streets and steep slopes, we highly recommend selecting accommodations with easy access for cars and luggage transportation. Start preparing now, adventure awaits!

    About group tours

    Our group tours give you the freedom to explore and go at your own pace, even if that means someone else is faster or slower than you. But keep in mind, your guide will consult with everyone involved to decide if any changes can be made to the route.

    About strikes and demonstrations

    Get ready for an exciting adventure with unexpected surprises! While strikes and demonstrations may occur in Peru, we always strive to keep your trip as originally planned. However, depending on the circumstances, changes in date or tour cancellations may be necessary for the safety of everyone involved. Our operations department will make sure to coordinate the new plans with you, your safety is our highest priority!

    Missing Objects

    Keep your valuables safe and sound! Whether you're on the transport, at a restaurant, or out camping, always be aware of where you leave your things and remember to take them with you when you leave. You're solely responsible for your belongings during the tour, please keep an eye out and don't let anything get left behind!

    Frequent Questions

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    Booking & pricing

    100% money-back guarantee (see our totally flexible Terms & Conditions)

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    $ 220.00 /person


    Where you will be

    Salkantay Trek, Cusco, Peru
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