Discover the best Cusco tours obsessively designed by our Peruvian team. A complete palette of options where you will find in the first part: of full-day tours and multi-day tours. Second part: tailor-made trips to Cusco where you are the architect of your own adventure with advice from our travel experts. One of the favorite destinations worldwide! Cradle of one of the natural wonders of the world, full of unreal landscapes, authentic cultural experiences, and mountains of Los Andes that house a unique ecosystem! Explore the best Cusco tours below:


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1) Customize an already designed tour and give it a unique touch that suits your travel style… for example, upgrade hotels or add relaxation days.

2) Take your experience in Cusco to the next level! Imagine that you are planning your honeymoon and you need everything to be perfect… every single detail can make a difference and you need a travel expert in Cusco to help you fulfill your dream. You are in the right place!


Declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the city of Cusco will not only be the first stop on your trip, but also the main gateway to great natural wonders, incredible archaeological monuments, luxury experiences, and above all, the Inka culture.

Looking for inspiration? You can visit our Peru gallery or let us inspire you with 6 reasons to visit Cusco:

1) Machu Picchu
2) Rainbow Mountains
3) Glaciers
4) Inka Treks
5) Connection with locals
6) Magical lagoons

Best Months to visit Machu Picchu - Smart Planning

Welcome to our personalized Calendar! Here we’ll talk weather, the best months to visit Machu Picchu, when to go to avoid crowds, what to do, and more!

Is Cusco, Peru Safe? Safety Tips for Travelers

Cusco is a safe haven in Peru – you can explore with no worries! Crime rates are low, but take precautionary measures for added security. Enjoy your stay in the City of Inca Kings!


Cusco is a city of history and culture, located in the South American country of Peru. This vibrant city was once the capital of the Incan Empire and is now a popular destination for tourists. From exploring ancient ruins to experiencing local life, Cusco has something for everyone. There’s no shortage of activities to enjoy within its walls, like wandering through colonial streets and visiting bustling markets full of handmade goods. Be sure to take time to enjoy the incredible view from atop nearby ruins such as Moray, or explore Peru’s sacred valley by foot. With so much waiting to be discovered, Cusco promises an unforgettable experience!

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